First you fall, then you fly

IMG_0558Or rather, first you fall, then you fall with style. Then you fly.

I bet that’s how birds do it you know? They’re like, “Oh shit I wonder if my little wings can take me up there. Never mind let’s just fucking try.” And up they all go.

That is why you should never be afraid to fuck up. That is why you should never be scared to fail.

That’s the only way to pick yourself up. That’s the only way to truly know how strong you really are.


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  1. felice - November 25, 2015 7:36 pm

    So very true and that is how I have lived my whole life and still at 67 doing so!
    Never have fear to screw up/mess up/fuck up
    Life is wondrous and we learn as we try to fly!


  2. Jenn - December 3, 2015 3:02 am

    THanks for the reminder. I’m slowly building my own blog and feel like I keep getting knocked down again, but I know i Just need to learn more..and get back up :).

    BTW, how do you make those picture quotes? Your font is really nice. If you could let me know that’d be great. I’m thinking of taking a wordpress tutotial class. Thanks!


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