How to find “The One”



This isn’t exactly another relationship/dating post. It can be, but I think it applies largely to life in general.

So let’s get to it.

I think the concept of “The One” is bullshit.

Or call it your soul mate, destined partner, kindred spirits or whatever. It’s all crap.

People talk like there’s ONLY one person out there for you.

But I don’t think.

There’s like 7 billion people out there in the world!

And you’re telling me you found “the one” in your own country while taking a walk in the park?

And how do you know he or she is “the one”? Based only on your own perspective and feelings around a concept of love you created as you grew up in a single country and around your family and friends?

You do know that perspective differs from culture to culture, people to people right?

If you were born in another part of the world, your idea of “the one” will be entirely different.

To put it candidly, check this: I’m Asian.

And I always felt girls from the west are super hot, thanks to Hollywood and TV. I mean I was like, “Wow! What I would do to date a hot, blonde girl.”

But looks aside, I did feel a girl from the west would have suited me.

Asian culture, especially right here in Singapore is a very conservative one. We can be very judgemental. You can’t just approach somebody at a bar and talk to them with the intention of being friends. They would think you’re creepy.

And I always heard you can do that in America or somewhere.

Today, I’ve met my one. And she is from Thailand.

I know for sure, if I was brought up in the west, or somehow moved over, I’d meet my one too.

Get it? You can meet your one.

You just need to take action and stop worrying about romanticized concepts of love, as if there’s only one person out there, among 7 billion, fixed for you.

And it’s easy.

All you have to do is to keep doing what you love, and love will find you. It’s true. When you do what you love, your passion and in turn charisma come forth, thus making you confident and attractive.

People love that.

In fact, that’s what you should do all the time in every aspect of life.

Just keep doing what you love. The rest can indeed, take care of itself.

If you all you do is sit on your ass and keep wondering where is “the one”, who is “the one” or when good things will happen in your life, then that’s all you’re going to get, sitting on your ass.

Get up. Let’s go. Take action today. You aren’t ugly, worthless, hopeless, not meant for love or other bullshit that puts you down.

And come on, 7 billion people out there and no one is right for you? Impossible.

Just do what you love and you’re heaps ahead of others.

So you wanna learn how to meet the, sorry, I mean, YOUR one?

These will help:

Guys, learn the Tao of Badass


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Girls, Capture his heart and make him love you forever

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