Finally! A proper guide to completely getting out of your comfort zone

Everybody talks about it, but not all are actually doing it.

“Get out of your comfort zone.”

It’s pretty easy to say it, but it’s whole other story altogether when you actually try to do it.

Most people get scared. They cower down. They back out. They make up excuses and go back to not doing shit.

Why is this so?

Because we all want the easy way out. Hence, we only say it. When we talk about getting out of your comfort zone, it’s linked to our dreams, goals, ambitions and all the great things you want to do in life. The rewards are great too.

But when it comes to actually doing it, the point which is actually your make-or-break moment; the point that makes the ONLY difference in your life, as said, most of us back out.

It’s too hard.

It’s too scary.

It’s crazy. You didn’t know what you were talking about.

It’s confusing.

It’s whatever.

They’re all excuses.

Maybe… it’s time you step up your game and actually stop the talk, and start the walk out of your comfort zone?

Over ten years of excuses

I’m not proud to say this, but I spent the last ten years of my life as a Bboy making up excuses.

I didn’t dare to do shit. I didn’t dare to join competitions. I didn’t dare to dance in front of others. I didn’t dare to improve.

The excuses were always the same, conveniently constructed even.

I’d say I was tired. I’d say I wasn’t ready. I’d say I was injured, sick or whatever.

But they were all excuses to not want to get out of the comfort zone. It merely pointed to me being scared.

Yes. It was a waste of time.

It was also very interesting.

It’s amazing how we all want to get out of the comfort zone so badly, talk about it so much, but not actually do it at all.

Perhaps it’s because we’re only human, hence we’re allowed to slip up, or even fail from time to time. But, that alone is just another excuse. It’s bullshit in fact.

You’re only human and hence your life is fucking short. It’s about time, and the time is always now that you do something about it so you can start doing amazing shit for yourself.

And yes, you need to get out of your comfort zone.


The magic ONLY happens outside. Nothing crazy or weird will happen inside, and that’s boring.

Life is too short to be boring. Boring means you’ll be bored and that’s how you end up complaining about your own life.

Let’s start shall we?

1) When you feel the slightest discomfort and confusion, you’re in the right direction

So you’re planning your shit. You’re setting goals and all. Maybe you even are creating a vision board. Whatever.

And suddenly, you feel a little confused. You feel baffled. You start to think about the future.

You start to wonder if this is right, or wrong; if this is really for you.

This is not where you take a step back and decide that it’s wrong or not for you. This is where you say, “Awesome! I’m going to embrace the shit out of this uncertainty!”

Because so what if you don’t know for certain? Nobody is a psychic! Nobody can read into the future for real.

If the future seems dark, black, gloomy and all over the place, it means the discomfort zone is calling for you and you’re in the right direction.

This is where you absolutely MUST go forward.

So no more wondering, planning or analyzing. All of that shit can only get you so far.

Take that first step now.

2) When you feel the fear, it is nothing but the clarion call for you to take action, now

So you’re at the make-or-break moment, the EDGE of the comfort zone. Take a little step forth, and you’re out of the zone.

This is where you feel scared as fuck. Your hands are trembling. Your legs are shaking. Your heart can’t stop beating. You feel like you need to keep going to take a piss just so you can have another toilet break.

This is not where you should cower down and back out. This is not where you should bail out at the last minute.

If you do, then you’re just all talk. You’re full of shit.

These symptoms are actually saying, “This is alright! This is normal! This is completely acceptable!”

It’s going to be extremely easy to think that you should go back to the comfort zone, but easy is for pussies. Hard is for winners.

And winners aren’t scared. They never are. Maybe they once were, but they took the leap of faith and went forward.

Stop thinking that the fear is there to stop you. The fear is merely there to activate your alert system and you’ve to steer it in the direction that goes out of the zone.

3) You’re going to have to get over it no matter what

Look man. You’re already at the edge of the zone. You’re scared as fuck. You feel uneasy and you want to get out of there.

But this is where you’re going to have to just get over it.

It’s going to be extremely counter-intuitive. It’s going to go against everything you believe in. It’s going to make you feel like you’re nuts!

It’s going to be the point in your life where you do something completely out of the norm.

And you just have to do it. No one else can help you do it. Only you. There is no time or space for excuses now. It’s an absolute MUST that you make a difference now.

Take that little step forward. A world of difference awaits you.

Remember. The choice is yours, because only you can do it alone.

4) Remember that failure is not the end

This is something most people miss out on. People talk about how outside of the zone feels awesome.

But don’t forget that it’s wrought with struggle, hardship and failure.

Yes. You’re going to fuck up. You’re going to make fucking, fabulous mistakes.

Why? Because you aren’t perfect. You just got out of the comfort zone in fact. You’re still learning.

And that’s wonderful, because you get to keep learning and evolving the very core of your character!

Failure is not the end. Make all the mistakes you like. Screw up non-stop. They’re just nothing but signs too, that you’re in the right direction.

So pick yourself up, and truck on. You’re already out of the zone and it’s time to make your surroundings even clearer.

Do not go back. Do not look back. Don’t even think about going back to the zone. Comfort only awaits you back there and that’s boring. That’s where your lesser-self is at and you don’t want that.

5) Remember that you’re not going to die, but in fact, you’re going to go home stronger

This is the main thing we forget about most. We keep thinking that we’re going to die, especially when we feel the fear, anxiety and confusion.

We think it’s the end-all, as if our world will come crumbling down.

No. You aren’t going to die just because you’re out of the zone.

At the very most, people are going to laugh at you, ridicule you, you’d feel lost, you’d feel stupid and you’d even feel like you want to give up.

But, you aren’t going to die. Nobody ever dies outside the comfort zone.

Instead, you’re going to go home stronger. You’re going to learn a shit ton of things. You’re going to go home a different and better person.

That’s the magic of getting out of the zone. You keep growing and learning as you pull in new experiences. Look at you! You badass of a survivor you.

6) You’re already out of the zone!

You already are.

As long as you took that first little step over the edge, you’re out of the zone.

You made it work, and you’re going to make it work even more.

And guess what? Sooner or later, that becomes comfortable again. You can have a breather, a respite, a break. Take it all in. Be happy for what you’ve accomplished.

Then you have to repeat the whole damn process. It’s never going to end and that’s not supposed to be scary.

That is why life is an adventure. You keep getting out of the zone non-stop. You keep discovering new things about yourself. You keep taking in new experiences and turn them into memories you can hold on to forever.

This is how you get out of the comfort zone: You just keep doing it.

Forget the fear. Fuck fear. Fuck the symptoms and all the uneasy, negative feelings. Screw your crazy thoughts too.

Get out of your head and go back to your heart. The real answer lies in there.

So, do you want to live a life in your head, wherein you’re constantly wondering, “What if?” while feeling safe in your little zone?

Or do you want to become a badass and become the best version of yourself?

All you need to do, is get out of the zone.

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