Have some faith in yourself for fuck’s sake

Have some god damn faith in yourself.

Because faith is like, powerful.

It’s the essence of you. It’s your juice to start believing in yourself. It’s the motherfucking tinder to create a blazing fire in you.

Without faith, you got nothing. You will be nothing. You’d be a miserable pile of shit that doesn’t think he or she can amount to anything.

Faith is that powerful. Either you got it or you don’t.

If you do, life would be great. Life would have meaning.

If you don’t, life would suck ass.

Sounds scary? Well life is just fucking scary and there’s nothing you can do about that.

But here’s the good news… faith is free.

Free of charge. Zero dollars. No payment required. Keep your fucking credit card.

Here’s another piece of good news… faith is ready anytime for you.

Ready to ship anytime. Accessible 24 fucking 7. Unlimited in motherfucking supply yo!

Are you going to fucking turn down the most awesome, freest thing in the world?!

Or are you going to quit being a bitch, have some faith and say, “I can do this”?

Doesn’t fucking matter if you succeed or fail after that.

You put in faith and you tried. SHIT! SEE HOW AWESOME YOU WERE WHILE TRYING!?

You go you.

So have some motherfucking faith already.

You’re a god.

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