Failure only comes when you stop trying

Sup guys,

There’s this whole deal on the issue of “trying”. Whether it’s about trying new shit out in life, trying for a baby, trying to be a better person or whatever, you always start with trying.

That’s what I believe in anyway.

But I think the definition of trying is getting totally skewed by a lot of people.

How often do you hear this shit, “Don’t try, just do!”

And when people say that they think they are all like as if they are really epic or something. Like they are so great. They don’t even need to try, they just get things done.

But I disagree!

Like I said, I believe it all starts with trying!

Now listen to this:

Failure only comes when you stop trying

In every fucking sense of the word. I read this shit up somewhere in another book. And I think it makes perfect sense.

Trying starts from you. Your inner will. This driving force within you, is completely limitless. And it’s your choice to whether you want to use it. Yours, not others’, your friends’ or even your mom’s.

Seriously, now think about it. Do you think even now, anyone, or anything in the world can stop you from trying ANYTHING you want in life?

If you can get pass this shit and overcome yourself and learn that real failure only comes when you stop trying, you can do all sorts of shit!

-It doesn’t matter if the hot girl you approached rejected you. That wasn’t failure because you tried. If you stop approaching girls completely and start to think that all girls are bitches then, then yeah, you failed.

-Even if your first business venture made you lose a pile of money, it doesn’t matter because you tried. Check out this slideshow of entrepreneurial failures and comebacks, including brands like Disney and Apple.

-It don’t mean a thing when others keep putting you down for trying all sorts of shit, more often than not things which people don’t understand or care for. When you believe in yourself, and keep trying, great things will happen.

Need I continue?

So forget about the, “Don’t try, just do” bullshit. As long as you try, you have start in motion a great process in the machine of awesomeness stemmed from you.

Simply put, don’t stop trying, don’t give up, when you are down pick yourself up and try again. One day you will succeed and all sorts of crazily good shit will happen to you.

Now, whatever you feel like doing, I mean trying, something you ALWAYS wanted to, like writing a song or a poem, running a marathon, professing your love to a girl who friendzoned you or being a jackass, just try and you never know. You may find your passion and good shit will manifest. 

Fuck Yoda man I am the shit.

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  1. Mark - May 1, 2012 7:54 pm

    Most importantly, gotta have the heart buddy…

  2. Christina - July 24, 2012 4:48 pm

    I just starting reading your blog today and I love it. Thanks for all of the suggestions and help. I really like this post. Your right, as long as you try something, you aren’t a failure.

    • alden - July 25, 2012 7:44 am

      Hey Christina,

      No prob! Thanks for dropping by and reaching out. Yeah man. Have you seen my latest post? Just try 🙂

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  7. Sanjay J. Rakecha - July 11, 2014 6:09 am

    Nice Post


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