Real Talk 27: Read this if you feel like a failure who hasn’t done shit in life

I answered a question on Quora just a couple of a days ago. It was asked by some 24 year-old who felt like a failure in life and hasn’t done anything to feel accomplished.

So I answered this:


Then read this shit. Read what I’m about to say.

Also, I don’t know if you’re dude or a gal, but whatever. This shit applies to anyone. Just pardon me as I sound more manly and shit.

First of all… 24? Twenty FUCKING FOUR?!

Do you KNOW how YOUNG you are?!

Do you know how far ahead you have you in life?

I’m only 30 as I write this. And I feel young as hell. Yeah, when I was 24 I thought the big three-O was going to make me feel old as hell.

But I don’t. Not at all.

Why? No I’m not going to say some cliche shit like, “Age is just a number.” That’s true, but boring.

Instead, check this out: Life is what you make of the crazy, unpredictable bullshit it throws at you.

Now that can either be scary, or super fun and awesome like a real adventure.

And right now, you’re making it scary, unnecessarily scary.

Just look at the bullshit you’re saying.

You keep using the word “never.”

Does your life suck so bad that everything never inspires you, or even entertain you?

I doubt it. You seem to have it easy. You’re bringing all this bullshit upon yourself.

The problem with you right here is that you’re not challenging yourself.

You got by with minimal work through school? Good for fucking you. Academic work is obviously not a challenge to you.

Your job is boring? Yay.

What the hell challenges you then?

What scares the fuck out of you?

What makes you so uncomfortable and anxious that you want to turn back and not move forward?

Don’t you know the entire point of getting out of the comfort zone is to feel uncomfortable, anxious and scared as fuck? That’s when the magic starts to happen.

You’re too fucking comfortable right now.

I’m a Bboy (breakdancer) of over ten years now. You know what I fucking did at the “old” age of 30? I decided to stop making excuses because I wanted to become better. The year I turned 30 was the year I decided to join all competitions I could. You’ve no idea how fucking scary it felt to be on stage, ALONE. You’ve no idea the disgust I felt for myself when I messed up all my routines, and then still watched myself on video.

But it all paid off because I improved a fuck load. And this only took a year.

So what is it you can do now that scares you?

How about quitting your boring ass job since you’re not getting out of it?

How about working for your dad so you can learn the ropes slowly and match up to him?

Why don’t you start finding a passion, something that lights your ass on fire and makes you think about it 24/7? No idea on how to find passion? Here’s the easy way.

How about you ask that girl/guy out even though they seem like they’re out of your league?

How about… I don’t know! What is it that scares you? Look deep down and start being brutally honest with yourself.

Set some goals out of the zone!!

By the by, do you know how lucky you have it?

Many people out there would KILL to be you.

Getting an education is a privilege. Tons would love to go to school just to be challenged.

Having family there for you is even a privilege. You’re reading shit from the guy who does not have a dad anymore.

Start being grateful bitch. Gratitude is a strong ass tool that can instantly make your life better.

Oh, and start being grateful for yourself.

In 24 years you’ve done a single thing worth mentioning? Really?

Come on man.

As whiny as your question is, I don’t believe you.

I’m sure you’ve done something great. Why not give yourself some god damn credit?!

You’re somebody’s hero man.

And you’ve come this far, how about some love and credit?!

Failure only comes when you stop trying

All the greats know this.

You don’t fail just because you ask a chick out and she rejects you. Rejection is not failure.

You don’t fail just because you start a business and it falls apart. You fail when you immediately think you’re not cut out for it.

So do you want to be a failure or not?!

It’s good that you’re asking this shit.

You’re self-aware.

That’s a start.

Now you can either continue whining, or make a fucking difference in your life now.

You can make shit happen today.

Just do something different already. You want different results, do something different.


P.S. Are you hanging out with boring assholes?

If you are, find new people to hang out with. Surround yourself with positive, awesome people who tell you shit you need to hear and not what you just want to hear.

You’re the product of the people you hang out with. This will make a difference in your life. So look around you.

You can bet your bitch ass I got to where I am today because I got my ass kicked multiple times by people who rained hell on me.

Originally here on Quora.

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  1. BB - February 16, 2016 1:08 pm

    Loved this post. It’s so easy to be whiny and get lost in the “i feel so sorry for myself”-thing, then to see shit positive…. You made my day. Made me keep working on my blog that i just started and where i felt i don’t even want to write anything, cause nobody will read it etc… Now i’m like – fuck it – just write and figure out how to get people reading it…. thx B


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