Everybody has a story to tell and how to tell yours

Each of us are born in this world and are special in our own way. I mean, how many times have you heard that right? We are special, unique in our own cool way and all that shit.

That seems to be a given in itself. That we are all special.

Then there there those who become “more unique”, mostly because they are successful and bothered to get their name out there.

Oh you know the drill. You pick up an entertainment magazine, you read up the biography of a famous celebrity now. Apparently when he was a kid he had a shitty upbringing. He loved a certain kind of art, which is the same profession as he is doing now and was totally discouraged by people around him. By sheer diligence and hard work, he powered on through and finally made it. He now enjoys life as he is super rich and famous.

I mean look at all the rags to riches stories and other proven ones:

Steve Jobs had cancer.

J.K. Rowling wrote in Cafes while on welfare. She was ever diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated suicide. Her daughter was also dependent on her. She is now a billionaire.

Elvis Presley was told by his music teacher he couldn’t sing. After that, he brought his guitar to school the next day and sang a recent hit, “Keep Them Cold Icy  Fingers Off me” to prove otherwise.

Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team in high school. When that happened, he went home, locked his door and cried.

Mark Wahlberg, one of my favorite actors ever dropped out of school at age 14. He then became a street thug, dealing drugs and getting high. He turned his life around after he was convicted and sentenced to prison for assaulting two men.

 Typical and inspiring? Indeed.

It’s cliche as hell, but it works. Here’s a brief guide on how to tell a good story, to becoming a superstar with an amazing story to tell.

Step 1) Get depressed: When you are depressed and hit a rock bottom moment in your life, people think that’s cool. It shows you were sad and toughened up a lot. You may exemplify this with you being homeless or thought of attempting suicide.

Step 2) Make sure everyone around you discourages you: It goes to show you dare to do something different, so different that everyone around you disagrees. Then you man the fuck up and do it anyway, showing how adamant you are in your cause.

Step 3) Say you had a dream since young: Of doing something you really love. It would be especially good if your dream was help others. Then of course, work towards your dreams against the odds.

Step 4) Regale a funny incident as if it was really funny: Truthfully it won’t be really funny. It’d only be funny to you. It usually goes like, “Haha I remember that one time when blah blah blah” and then you expect people to relate to it. However, you need a funny event so people can remember you more easily.

Step 5) Pinpoint a difficult decision: The most typical cliche bullshit would be how you made “the most difficult decision in your entire life of quitting” your job.

Step 6) Then say how it was actually the best decision in your life.

Step 7) Finally, show off your successes: Nuff said. You earn X amount of dollars while you barely do anything. You hit your first million at X age. You sleep with X number of hot chicks. You travel anytime, anywhere.[Insert cliche picture of you next to Eiffel Tower, or Pyrimids, or some farm]

Everybody has a fucking story 

With that said, yup. Everybody, has a fucking goddamn, honest story to tell.

The guide above is riddled with cliches. Why? Because the fundamentals of life’s cliches are also there.

Everybody is different.

You are unique.

You are special.

Just because you aren’t asked to be featured in a magazine or have a brazen page of blaring copy writing doesn’t mean you don’t have a story. Just because you don’t have a horde of fans wanting your autograph doesn’t mean you are not great.

You have a story. You can easily add more chapters to it. It’s entirely up to you to make it an awesome tale. Whether you want the world to know about your story or not is entirely up to you. And even then, if nobody is listening it doesn’t mean your story isn’t true.

To end off, I have a story too:

 I am Alden, and I am 26. I have left my job to pursue a dream. I love Bboying and I can’t stop. Sometimes, just sometimes, I am overwhelmed by self-doubt.

 Do I ever get depressed? No I am seriously too fucking cool for that.

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