Eventually you’d get there, and there, and there…

I took part in a couple of competitions last weekend, as part of my vow to take part in every single competition I can this year.

It was a great experience, especially since I managed to capture myself on video so I can start showing off like a bad ass.

Boom! Check it!

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You’ve no idea how proud I am of that. I wrote about how one must feel the cringe when watching yourself on video, but this is the first time I didn’t really feel disgusted with myself.

We lost the battle though, but it’s all good.

A little backstory:

I’ve been a Bboy for over ten years now.

And quite frankly I’m nowhere as near as I want to be as a dancer.

There’s no one to blame but myself thought. I was always making up excuses.

I didn’t dare to join battles for fear of looking stupid on stage. I didn’t dare to join for fear of losing and losing my confidence. I didn’t dare to dance in front of others for fear of looking stupid.

I didn’t dare to do a lot of shit man, and I can honestly say I wasted more than ten years of that period holding myself back for practically nothing at all.

Excuses are the bane of your existence and a waste of time

No really, it is a waste of time.

Whatever reason you think you’re coming up with, it’s most likely not a reason, it’s an excuse.

If you think you’re being safe, you’re probably overthinking the entire situation and worrying about nothing.

If your decision is based on fear alone, you’re not going to get the results you really want anyway.

Because results come to those who fear nothing and stop giving a fuck about anything, at least that is very prevalent in Bboying since the great dancers out there don’t seem to give a fuck about anything other than themselves and the music.

You can and will eventually get there though

It’s just a matter of speed.

You can choose, “Slowly but surely” or “Fuck everything! I’m going for it NOW!”

The former is a waste of time. It’s bullshit. Stop adhering to that. We’re only slowly but surely going to die one day.

Grab your own balls and grab life by the balls. It’s more worth it that way.

There’s nothing to really fear anyway. Take it from this 30-year old Bboy who finally decided to man up. And there is more to come from me.

That is why and how you keep getting there, and there, and there. It’s infinite, and that’s beautiful.

Just don’t give up ok?

Hope this helps today. Please share this!

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  1. felice - July 7, 2015 7:31 pm

    Hi Alden,
    the bblog post is great
    Ok so you wasted a lot of time…haven’t we all for various fears…I could write the handbook…and then as you say life-fate -whatever you want to call it put someone in front of me and I did just what you said…grabbed at life by the balls and here I am with the love of my life (still cannot believe it at times) and life is good…
    So you are now on your excuses and you are good and you will be good
    I will anxious await to read and see the more to come from you and yes yes it is infinite and beautiful …the strong inside never really give up the dream and the dream becomes reality


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