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Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Lead a Life Where There’s Less

Frustration, Anger, Rage and Negative Thoughts?
A Message From Alden’s Barber Chair:



Yo guys!

So that is me right there in the picture, getting my hair cut from my favorite barber.

Getting my hair cut is one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.

I get to have a trim and look fucking amazing after that.

Most of all… I get to enjoy the crazy conversations with my barber.

You won’t believe the stupid jokes we tell each other. For example, this one time, he told me how a guy’s dick need to be thick, and not just long in order to satisfy a lady.

Otherwise, you might as well use it to clean her ear.


Okay. That joke sounds kind of crude and gross. I know.

But the point is… wouldn’t it be fucking awesome to take the small pleasures in life and be happy?!

Wouldn’t it be great to laugh out loud at the dumbest things?!

Wouldn’t it be fun to spontaneously hit it off and make friends with random people?!







I know what it feels like man, to let anger overwhelm you. It’s like something is eating you up from the inside.

It fucking sucks.

Nothing feels worse than feeling frustrated and upset over stupid, small things and letting it ruin your entire day.

So… I went through the trouble to make this to help you out.



Here’s a little message I got from a reader…


I can do this for you!



Yes, you heard that right.

I’m an angry guy too.

And that is why I want you to listen to me.

I know what it feels like okay?

You know what really gets to me and grinds my gears?

It’s when people try to bully me, slight me, insult me, take advantage of me when I didn’t do anything wrong.

And then they fucking get away with it.

Why? Because no one around gives a damn.

People tell me to “get over it”, “forgive them” or “let bygones be bygones.”

That to me is absolute bullshit.

If you ask me, it’s high time people actually have a sense of justice (and some damn common sense) to stop blaming the victim.

That said…

I think anger management is absolute bullshit. This is why Eliminate World Anger is Different:

I’m not here to feed you cliched crap like forgive your enemies, meditate, practice positive thinking, affirmations or other woo-woo, new age crap.

I’m certainly not here to judge you either.

You and I are both human, and we’re here to try our best to be better.

That is why Eliminate World Anger is filled with nothing but honest and real stories to simply inspire you so you can lead a better life.

Just listen, read and be inspired. That’s all.

I don’t believe in anger management because if anything, it’s a form of denial that makes you push aside your negative feelings. It’s making you ignore what is there.

If you want to be better, then acknowledge it and try to take incremental steps to better.

That’s what I have for you. I believe that can take you from angry to happy in a realistic manner that can last you for the long-term. I want you to be able to live with joy and see the greatness in small things, like the dumb jokes I crack with my barber.

No matter if…

– You’ve NEVER been able to change in the past

– You’ve gotnegative, angry blocks in your mind.

– You feel tired and hopeless from all the anger.

– You’re SCARED of approaching your anger.

– You feel LOST and have no idea how to start

– You think you can’t be cured (Bullshit! You can!)

Sounds impossible?

Let the program begin…

This is what Eliminate World Anger can do for you

-From ANGRY To Happy, Peaceful and full of joy…. So You Can Finally Do The Things You Want Without All The Anger.

– How To Eliminate Angry, Negative Thoughts So You Can Feel Awesome all day everyday!

– How To Deal With Other Negative People So You Can Be Immune To Their Negativity And Not Have Your Day Ruined!

– How To Easily Unlock Unlimited Energy And Confidence In Your Life So You Can Dominate Every Second Of Your Day Without Getting Tired. (Doesn’t it suck when anger just SAPS your body?!)

– How To Create Certainty And Insane Clarity In Your Life So You Can Stop Thinking That There’s Something Wrong With You! (You aren’t a monster! OK?)

– Learn How To Approach Your Emotions Without Feeling Scared About It So You Can Find The Root Cause Of Your Anger.

– Change The Conversation In Your Head So You Can Receive All The Awesomeness, Abundance And Goodness Of The World.

– Effortlessly Dominate Your Mind So You Can Repel Negative Thoughts And Start Thinking Of Good, Inspiring Things Only.

– Quickly And Easily Dump Toxic Friends And Family Without The Guilt So You Can Building A Positive, Social Circle That’ll HELP YOU get over your anger.

– The #1 Key To Letting Go Of Your Past And Your Haunting Moments (Without Therapy) So You Can Always Look Ahead In The Future without fear.

– Learn Why You Should Start Travelling So You Can Realize Your Problems Are Really Nothing In The Grand Scheme Of Things.

– Learn The Truth About Violence So You Can Realize The Consequences Of Acting Out Of Anger is Unhealthy.

– Turn Into Gratitude-Mode So You Can Realize How Great You Are, Just From Being Who You Are.

– Emotions Mastery So You Can Decide On What To Feel All The Time.

– Learn From A Real Therapist So Will Know The Real, Scientific Steps to Battling Anger!

– A LOT More Awesomeness…

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?
To be honest I was in a bit of a dilemma here.
On one hand, I didn’t want to make this expensive. I mean, I am also angry. I sure would want someone to help me out, but not at a ridiculous price.
On the other hand, I think it’s a important to invest in yourself. So, you can’t expect everything to be handed to ya. You can’t expect things to be free or cheap all the time, otherwise you won’t recognize the value of it.
So here’s the price I feel is reasonable.
Eliminate World Anger Will Be Going at $97

If you go through the entire 100 Days of No-bullshit Happiness, and if you don’t think that this is for you for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, you can get a 100% no-questions refund.

Better yet, here’s my second guarantee. After you’ve read everything in my book and your life hasn’t dramatically changed, I’ll happily give you double your money back.

Sound fair?


If you’ve read this far, I know you want in on this. Listen to this ridiculously funny story

I was once talking to a pretentious guy who calls himself a “life coach.”

He told me to start meditating.

He said, “Since I started meditating, I don’t feel anger forever.”


What kind of human doesn’t feel anger forever?!

I know. A mentally unsound person or a serial killer in the works.


As I said… I am angry guy too.

I won’t lie to you. It’ll take some time and effort to get over your anger.

If it was so easy, like how this idiot above puts it, then the entire world would be at peace today.

I am here to offer you a little hand, a little guidance.

I am sure my stories, interviews will help.

I won’t give you bullshit. Okay?

You can either choose to believe liars like the above or the bullshit information the self-help world is filled with…

… or you can make a small step today which will create big changes for you.

Click below to get started

And I’ll see you on the inside.