“If it’s so easy, then the entire world would be doing the same” EXTENDED EDITION

“If becoming a real entrepreneur is all about studying, then every fresh-faced college kid who studied business in school are entrepreneurs today.”

“If creating a thriving business is as easy as learning from some mentor, attending some seminar or taking up a random course that promises you the world, then any person can work a shitty job for a month, earn the salary, pay for said things and proceed to create a thriving a business.”

“If business is all about rules from textbooks and shit, then it’s just way too easy.”

“If business is about working with guarantees that the money will come, then that’s not a business. That’s called a job.”

“If business is really only about luck and only for a chosen few, then a lot of the good stuff you have today would not have been invented.”

“If you’re told that business is only about money, then you’re being lied to by people who’re actually out to steal your money.”

“If it’s so easy, then the entire world would be doing the same, BUT this is where you CAN start to reflect and decide if this is truly for you. It is fine to call it quits. Perhaps your place is elsewhere. It is okay to take a break and even go back to getting a job so you can regain your focus.”

“If you think you should continue blindly just because someone vomited the headline to you, then I think you’re being fucking had.”

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