Earnings Disclaimer

I have a few articles and also a product, Hack Your Happiness (particularly its bonus Zen Blogging) that teach on the aspect of making money online. However, nothing in my blog or in this agreement is a promise or guarantee of earnings. I cannot guarantee that you’ll get any results or earn any money whatsoever. The central theme of this blog is NOT about making money online and neither is it your answer to getting rich quick.

Anyone reading this blog is responsible for their own strategies, actions and results in both life and business. Any forward-looking statements outlined or articles in the form of instructions and actionable steps are simply my own predictions for future potential and hence, not a guarantee or promise for real, actual performance. My statements are simply my opinions. Anyone hoping to make money and gain a level of success is dependent upon a number of factors including: business savvy, knowledge in marketing, diligence, dedication, your own database and most of all, your attitude to succeed. As these factors are different in each and every individual, I cannot guarantee any degree of success, income level or ability to earn revenue.

As stipulated by FTC law, I make no guarantees that you’ll achieve any results from my ideas. Lastly, I offer no professional legal or financial advice.

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