Don’t look around

For the past week, I’ve been pushing myself to write simply for the love of it and not for any kind of result.

The paradox is true. The more you aim for something, and the more specific it is, it usually never comes. This is especially true in art.

That is why I’m writing up, well, whatever it is that comes to mind. I try not to think about traffic, likes, comments, shares or subscribers.

The paradox is real. That is why we’ve to stop looking around and stop listening to what others have to say.

I’m cocooning this blog. Everything I write is from me and for whoever. I don’t even use Facebook anymore so I’m blind to whatever happens after a simple share. And it works. As ironic as it sounds, I cringe when I’ve to see comments of my writing on social media.

And it works.

Sometimes you just have to be alone and do what you want. You’ve to do it for the pure love of it and not expect anything.

You’ve to stop listening to teachers.

[bctt tweet=”Not all teachers are noble.”]

Some have a specific result in mind that serves to benefit them only. What they teach may not help. This is especially true in the entrepreneur world where almost every, successful person swears by something and that it’d help the entire world, when it’s simply an ego trip.

So stop looking around. Don’t even look up and most certainly, don’t look down.

There’s only within to look at. Be blind for once. The path will be clear one day.

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  1. Absolutely Tara - March 30, 2015 8:58 pm

    I am constantly struggling with this concept. Follow my heart, follow my logic. It’s funny, whenever I write solely from my heart, I get all these positive responses, which makes me want to analyze why I got a great response and try to duplicate it, right? So then I lose the heart aspect. Back and forth. Back and forth.

    Thanks for sharing.



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