Couple of huge ass anouncements (new book cover revealed)

Yo yo!

Aight! I got a couple of huge ass announcements that are going to rock your balls off!

1) Check out the cover of my next book



What do you think?!

I personally like it a lot.

Title- This Shit Called Life: Can we stop fucking meditating and go grab a beer?

Know what that means? This means this isn’t some typical self-help book. Heck, I don’t even consider it self-help or some other bullshit buzzword.

This book is a a straight-from-the-heart rant on life itself. It contains stories from me, my ideas and my perspective.

Why is it going to rock? Cause it’s a real book-book that’s going to be up on Amazon. Yep. I’m going to try my hands on Kindle. That being said, This Shit Called Life is absolutely not a bunch of blog posts put together and then conveniently called a book. I’d admit I was guilty of that somewhat with my other books, but yeah, this is a real god damn book for sure.

And it’s going to be funny and entertaining as fuck!

Status update: I’ve written about half of it so far. I’m aiming to release by Christmas. So stay up and look out for it!

What are your thoughts on the cover? Let me know in the comments.

2) All my other books are going at the solid price of $10. That’s like 90% off!

Speaking of my other books…

Yep! Only $10 fucking smackeroos to get’em all! That’s like the price of a friggin haircut.

Triple Combo books pic

Black Friday went so went that I decided to simply put the price as that.

Sure, maybe it seems like I’m fucking around with the price and not taking you all seriously, but no, I think the price factor was getting in the way of me making sales too. Yes, I want to earn money. Is that bad? I’ve been writing my ass off for everyone, it’s time I get something back.

Rest assured, whatever you think of the price adjustment, I know in my heart that these books will help you all, regardless of what your struggle is.

If you want more info on the books, go to here

Or if you’re ready to buy!

Click here to get all the books at only $10. That’s more than 85% off!

*Note: Depending on how things go, I may raise the price again. So you better not wait!

3) The Not Give a Fuck December Challenge

To promote my books… and also to push myself to write, I’m going to start the Not Give a Fuck December Challenge.

Basically, I’ll be writing little bite-sized posts almost every day with a challenge issued inside.

All real as usual baby. Real stories from me and real practical guidance which I’m confident can help you.

That’s it! Have a great December.

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  1. Cameron Chardukian - December 8, 2013 3:48 pm

    Hey Alden, kudos to you on writing the book. Do you mind sharing how many pages it is thus far, how much time you work on it per day, and how many weeks/months you’ve been working on it for? I’m just curious because I’m considering writing a book sometime in the next year, and I can’t imagine the roughest idea of how much writing speed slows from writing a blog post to writing a book. Feel free to shoot me an email if this isn’t something you want to share publicly. Good luck getting the book out for the holiday season!

    • alden - December 20, 2013 1:40 am

      Sure man I’ll get to it!


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