Interview with Corbett Barr: The value adder of Blogging

Sup guys,

I got a MAJOR treat for y’all today.

I managed to hook up an interview with Corbett Barr, of Think Traffic fame!

So all you bloggers and entrepreneurs out there, listen up! Corbett is the real deal when it comes to blogging and creating a thriving audience-based business online.

He’s passionate and very knowledgeable about what he does. What I like about him is that when it comes blogging and business, he drops only the truth! Forget about tactics, quick tips or supposedly easy moneymaking methods and all that crap. Get ready for real foundation and offering insane value.

If you’re struggling with your blog right now or want to start a blog, this interview is for you. Enjoy!

1) Hey Corbett! I’m excited to have you here with us today.

To start off, Free Pursuits, when it was still around spoke about lifestyle design and living the life you want. Why did you personally feel you had to achieve the life you want?
Isn’t that the point of life? We all make decisions about how to live. Some of us choose to stay within a narrowly defined comfort zone. To me that isn’t really living, it’s avoiding life.
2) Do you think it’s important for everyone to achieve the lifestyle they want?
No, most people aren’t interested in doing what it takes to live an extraordinary lifestyle. Sad but true.
3) What advice can you give to someone who is trying to have it all, you know, make good money, doing what they love and basically following their dreams, but feel obstructed by the responsibilities they have?
We’re all confronted by responsibilities and obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles and responsibilities defines who you are.
4) Let’s talk about Think Traffic! What is your vision with Think Traffic and how do you think you stand out among other blogs which teach about blogging?
Our goal at Think Traffic has always been to ask the question: “why do some websites become massive successes while the vast majority go almost completely unnoticed?” We don’t claim to have all the answers, but have worked to uncover as many answers as we can.
We approach building traffic differently from most. Instead of looking for the latest fad, hot tactic or Google loophole to exploit, we believe developing a meaningful audience online always starts with creating real value by solving important problems.
5) I like the personal touch in the articles of Think Traffic. Do you think it’s vital for a blog to have personality?
Absolutely, a blog needs personality to stand out. That can mean the blog itself has personality, or that the people behind the blog share their own personalities.
6) A lot of people who start out blogging think that it’s easy to make tons of money online. As such, they’re drawn to easy money-making schemes by “gurus”. I know I was there once. Why do you think this keeps happening to most of us?
I was in Las Vegas this week, and saw hundreds or thousands of Las Vegas locals gambling in casinos, presumably they were regulars. Why do people gamble all their money away despite the absolute scientific fact that the house always wins?
Similarly, why is it so hard for some people to lose weight when the formula is simple: eat less and exercise more?
There’s a part in each of us which wants to believe we can get something for nothing, or that we’ll be “special” and shortcuts will work for us.
Once you get past that destructive line of thinking and accept the fact that hard work and consistent focused effort is the only true path to success, that’s when you’ll start to make real progress.
7) Do you think it’s easy to make money online?
Yes and no. It’s incredibly easy to understand how to make money online, but it’s impossibly difficult to have the self discipline to actually do the work.
Making money online simply requires solving a problem or addressing a need or desire that people are willing to pay for, and then getting your solution in front of that audience. Most people aren’t really willing to put in the effort required to identify the problem, develop the solution and find the audience. To your point above, we want to believe it should be much easier than it actually is.
8) What advice would you give to bloggers who are currently struggling trying to make their blog gain traction?
Blogs that don’t get enough traction always have one or both of the following two issues: they have content that isn’t useful/effective/engaging enough; or they haven’t worked hard enough to promote their content on other sites. To get traction, you need to either improve your content or promote offsite, or both. The trick is in knowing which you need to focus on.
9) Finally, if there’s just one thing a new blogger should work on for his or her blog, what would it be? 
The foundation of every successful blog is useful, effective, engaging content. If your content doesn’t pass that bar, start there. Next, you need to present your blog’s topic in an interesting and unique way. Finally, you can’t expect to grow a thriving audience until you get off of your site and in front of other audiences where they already hang out.
Corbett Barr is the founder of Think Traffic. His flagship course, How to Start a Blog That Matters (affiliate link) is the ultimate guidance course in yep, starting a blog that matters. If you’re new blogging or simply trying to go the next level with your blog, I suggest checking out the course or at least visit Think Traffic for all your blogging needs. Thanks in advance for checking out the interview and the course! 

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  1. Corbett Barr - January 22, 2013 8:24 pm

    Hey Alden, thanks for hosting me here, this was fun 🙂 If anyone has follow-up questions, I’m happy to answer here in the comments.

    • alden - January 23, 2013 4:41 am

      The honor was mine Corbett! Thanks so much for this. I love your reference to Vegas and losing weight. It shold be a great wake-up call to a lot of people.

  2. Jeff Machado - February 8, 2013 6:52 pm


    Thanks for sharing this interview. So much could be said on making the content interesting and unique – something I spend the majority of my time thinking about.

    I also think part of people not being able to make a successful blog is the fear of failure. Think of why so many people in the US struggle to learn a foreign language – the whole process is about making mistakes and learning along the way. Lots of people HATE the concept of that. Honestly, I wonder if that’s why I see a higher concentration of Singaporeans and Malaysians killing it online?

    • alden - February 9, 2013 4:12 pm

      Hey Jeff,

      That’s great. Content is the most important element of it all, as I’ve come to realize. It’s when you got that straight then you can apply all sorts of tactics to make it even better. Most people shell out the tactics without a strong foundation (the content), and it just doesn’t work.

      That’s such a false thinking, being afraid to make mistakes. But that’s the best way to learn.

      Haha I wouldn’t know man. There’re a lot I’m sure, just that I never met them 😛

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