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  5. Jean-Paul - February 17, 2014 11:38 am

    Dear Alden,

    I found your blog while I was searching for the best personal development blogs and I must say your blog looks amazing! I am also active with a video blog regarding global awareness, personal development and internet marketing. I connected one of the most important dots with eachother in order to offer people the best value while many ideas starts to be outdated.

    The reason I write to you is because I am searching for likeminded people to work with. I offer people the inspirations, tools and vehicle to develop more self awareness through blogging, personal development trainings and internet marketing. I work with a mastermind community that is overloaded with practical personal development and internet marketing trainings that people need to succeed with their blog. While you are doing great with your blog and maybe you established already a online lifestyle you can think about offering additional value to your readers.

    This is my blog and on the homepage you can find a video that explains more my vision. In this video you learn more about my vision regarding Global Awareness;

    Please let me know what you like about this idea and how this can benefit yourself and your readers.

    Many thanks!
    Jean-Paul Blommaert

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