Confidence is not predicting the future

Neither is it reading people’s minds.

Here’s a little short and sweet, but super duper awesome blog post for ya.

You know, when I started out blogging, I was a pussy shit.

In my quest to make money online, I kept wanting to find out the guaranteed ways to get results, especially if I was spending money myself. I’d ask coaches and mentors shit like, “Do you offer a guarantee? Can you make sure I make $XXX after a month?”

Heck, it wasn’t just about blogging. The lack of self-confidence was very apparent throughout my whole life.

I would be asking GIRLS stuff like, “Erm, what if we get into a fight? What if you keep going out with other guys and cheat on me?”. I was practically begging for reassurance from her, that she would act a certain way for me.

I would second guess myself when it came to Bboying, “What if I don’t do well in the competition and make a fool of myself?”, then I would talk to my fellow Bboy friends about it and literally ask them about their own fears so I wouldn’t feel so bad.

See how I always wanted to make sure that I more or less had a good chance to attain something? To get that guarantee?

Then it hit me the other day: Confidence is NOT predicting the future. It’s also not reading minds.

You get what I mean? Confidence isn’t about giving that little boost in yourself or that reassurance just so that you can heave a sigh of relief… then have the “confidence” to actually go do something. It’s not about knowing that you’ll get that specific result you want so that you’ll be able to actually start something with peace of mind.

It doesn’t work that way. No one, and I mean NO ONE on this planet can ever predict the future or read minds. No matter how prepared or whatever you are, you’ll always look both ways before you cross the street.

So you wanna know what’s real confidence?

It’s having the balls to do what you want without knowing what’s going to happen. There is uncertainty involved, but that’s when you have to EMBRACE uncertainty and take whatever that comes as they are.

It’s about knowing that you may fuck up along the way, fall down, fail and tell yourself…. “It’s alright. That’s cool”

Then you brush it off. You pick yourself up. You learn. Then you continue.

That’s real confidence baby.

Ever watched the first Hobbit movie? Remember the part Bilbo asked Gandalf if he can guarantee his safety? Gandalf was like, “No”.



So go do it. Stop wasting your time asking for this and that. Embrace uncertainty. And as I’ve said many times before, feel fucked up and just do it anyway.

From the experience and lessons gained, you’ll keep that confidence. That’s as close to predicting the future as it goes.

To reiterate: Confidence is not predicting the future or reading minds. No one can possibly do that. So don’t let others put you down.

It’s very common in the online space where sleazy entrepreneurs are rampant, telling you shit like, “If you don’t apply [my method], you’re not going to make money man”. I’ve heard this a fuck ton of times.

There is no friggin one way. There are many ways. Yours is unique.

Just do it yo.

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