Confessions: I hate my job

This is another short story. See if you can guess what the “job” is by the end.

I fucking hate my job. I really, really do.

I wish all these motherfuckers would just die. Plus, it’s so hot inside here.

I hate listening to them. I really do. It’s a bore. If I have to listen to one more stupid tale of how he or she regretted this or that, I’m just going to kill myself.

The other day, a pedophile came in. For real. Great. Just great. As if I didn’t hear about it enough. He was disgusting. He gave me all the details. Ever heard of ‘Too Much Info’ dude? God. So apparently he hid the bodies in his basement or something. I don’t know. I was kind of dozing off by then. He lured most of them to his home with promises of, of all fucking things, candy, and some cake. I can’t believe how stupid kids are today, but okay fine, God bless their little souls… if that means anything anymore.

I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this. I thought I was doing good and helping people, but this is just ridiculous. Does anyone not know how stuffy and hot it gets inside?! I’m fucking sweating buckets after every session.

Life is funny though. It really is. Pedophile or not, people feel what they want to feel.

That child-murdering perv claimed he felt bad.

A few days ago, this lady came in crying her eyes out. Why? She “had sexual thoughts” of some cute neighbor and felt she betrayed her husband on the “highest level.” Lady… you don’t know shit about the world if you think you’re a demon or some shit.

Speaking of demons, I think my are manifesting itself. How ironic. I blame it entirely on the job. I hate it so fucking much. I want out. But I’m scared.

Goes to show listening to too much bullshit can really wreck you. My hands are already trembling. It tears me up inside, this job.

The police are out there trying to catch this serial rapist. They haven’t a clue because they’re so fucking stupid. But I know everything! God! It’s so easy! Yet, I can’t say a damn thing! He walked in the box the other day. He told me everything. What an ass. I just wanted to bash through the glass and grab him. I was too angry. I wasn’t even sure if he was remorseful.

Jesus, does this process really work? No. I wanna know, for real. I’m that curious now.

I’ve since picked up smoking and drinking. Yes, sometimes I head to the strip joint too. People have been asking questions, but I’m like whatever. I need this. Note to self. Remove white collar thing whenever I head out.

The other night, in the box, this girl was by far the most customer I ever took in. Hands down. I don’t remember a damn thing about what she was talking about, but she’s the worst. She’s a bitch and I hate her so much for using her phone the entire way. I wanted her to die so badly and go to hell. You don’t disrespect me and my box bitch!

God… I’m praying to you now. I honestly don’t know, deep down if you’re really there or not. I really don’t. How can a loving God allow such monstrosities to exist? Haha! Man! This coming from me! I’m supposed to have the answers!

But for real, I need some answers, like right fucking now. Stop slacking God. Get up and do something. Make me understand please before I lose my sanity.

Or, just get me out of this fucking job. I’m done.

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