Unpopular opinion: Is it really so bad to have a clingy girlfriend?

clingy girlfriend

Whenever I hear guys complain, “Oh fuck, my ex was horrible man. She was too clingy”, I tend to wonder why it’s such a bad thing as most guys make it out to be.

If you look up the definition of clingy, it clearly states, “too emotionally dependent (on someone.)”

I’d honestly love some of that.

I’m probably one of the rare few dudes who think clingy is okay. I’ve been with too many girls who acted really independent and strong, to the point it was pretentious. Heck, my previous relationship was a long-distance one wherein I was with somebody who was so strong she decided to disappear entirely.

And yes, if you read that carefully, I said “acted.” I admire and respect strong women. They’re awesome. They’re fucking sexy. They can be pillars of emotional support and make their men grow to become the men they’re meant to be.

I had none of that. I had actresses. All they did was talk about how they were strong, but showed otherwise.

I was once with a girl who would continuously tell me about the different types of guys she dated before me so she could show that she was ahead of me in terms of experience and emotional growth. She was condescending, but I saw none of that. It was hard to considering she cried (dramatically) over every little problem, especially when she knew she was in the wrong.

I was with girls who would try to show they were cool enough to take care of themselves if they got drunk. I always had to take care of their drunk asses and it was a straight up burden.

I was also with girls who literally could not take care of themselves physically. I always found it bizarre certain girls would settle for the idea that they are prone to falling sick, like a few times a month, and I’m talking sick to the point they can’t get out of the house. It was bizarre because they chose not to look at their lifestyle choices instead, like you know, skipping meals, eating a few bites a day at best and not exercising at all.

That was the hypocrisy I experienced. Would I want clingy now? Well, yes and no. It has to be broken down, but given my experience, it’s something I honestly wouldn’t mind. Like I said, it’s probably something I’d be okay with.

I wouldn’t want somebody clingy in the strictest sense. Too much of anything isn’t good. 

I don’t want to experience the horror stories I’ve heard, girls who ask their boyfriends to report in via text every hour; girls who want to meet up everyday; girls who want to move in quickly; girls who actually think they aren’t worth a damn without their boyfriends etc.

What I want, and I speak for all guys, is the affection and actual show of effort that they want in on the relationship. I guess this part gets confused with clingy every now and then.

So if affection and show of effort slips into clingy sometimes, I don’t think it’s a big deal. It only becomes a big deal when it actually reflects your girlfriend being a psychotic bitch, by which then the dude should reflect and wonder what they’re doing to contribute to that bullshit.

Guys love being empowered and affection gives us that.

My unpopular opinion will not stop here, because I’m going to issue a double-standard.

No, guys should not be clingy.

Oh my god, the horror stories I’ve heard from my girl friends.

“My boyfriend wants me to text him every morning just so he knows he is loved for the entire day.”

“My boyfriend has added me in his family group chat. His grandma is inside.”

“My boyfriend cries whenever we quarrel, and sometimes, he’s not even in the wrong.”

Whenever I hear shit like that I wonder how these guys manage to get their dicks to grow inside out and turn into a vagina.

So therefore: Clingy girlfriends, good or bad?

Judge it how you like, but I think it can easily be worked out with simple communication.

Clingy boyfriends, good or bad?

Absolutely bad. Please crucify all of them now.

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  1. Eddie Imperial - July 13, 2015 2:21 am

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