Cliched advice will never work for people who are still trying

And that’s the problem with the self-help world: Supposedly successful people giving out shit advice pulled from their asses just because they claim to have made it in life.

You can’t tell a person to merely not give up when he’s on the edge and want to give up. In fact, giving up and quitting could be the real answers.

You can’t tell a new dancer to dance like nobody is watching, but some eyes around him will scare him into paralysis.

You can’t tell a person to get over it or get out of the house when he is clinically depressed.

You can’t tell a fat fuck to go exercise and diet to lose some weight. That fat fuck could have a disease or just too insecure to really believe he can do it, even it means he believes in garbage like the fat is beautiful movement.

You can’t tell a broke person your own personal methods of making money, especially if it’s some pseudoscience bullshit like the law of attraction. They’re already worrying too much about money as it is.

You can’t tell a person who just broke up that time heals all wounds. They’re in too much pain.

The irony? The person who is still trying already knows all the answers deep down.

They just can’t care for now.

Let them be. They will have to find their own answers eventually, slowly.

If you want to help, then give something specific and different, or better yet, share your own story, then shut the fuck up and listen to their story.

If you’re still trying, find the first step to tackle what’s in front of you, not the step that frames the big picture. You don’t even know what’s the big picture you’re trying to paint yet.

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  1. Able Kinetic - April 25, 2017 4:38 am

    My takeaway from this article is that you can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to change themselves. Attempting to force change usually ends up in an ineffective use of time, energy, and resources. The challenge is when it’s someone you really care about and you want to help out as much as possible. Then there’s the other side, where people want to play victim and keep saying “But you don’t know what it’s like” to avoid responsibility:

  2. Temprance Wilkinson - April 25, 2017 6:03 pm

    Dont arrest or give up the fact of being second best Temprance Wilkinson

  3. Temprance Wilkinson - April 25, 2017 6:03 pm

    Dont arrest or give in to the fact of giving up. Temprance Wilkinson


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