Clear your fast food tray already


Because you aren’t five years old.

You can clean up after yourself.

No, it’s certainly not your job. We all know that there’re cleaners around.

It’s also not part of your culture, sure. It’s more common in America or wherever.

But, you aren’t five years old.

It’s your own crap. You can’t even clean up your own crap?

It’s not about job or culture. It’s also not just a little thing.

It’s personal, fucking pride.

This is what makes the difference between people who give a shit about themselves, hence others and those who don’t.

It’s the little things.

The same little things like thanking customer service staff, thanking people for asking, calling up an old friend, showing up on time, not being glued to your phone during dinner and other things.

[bctt tweet=”How you do anything is how you do every, fucking thing.”]

That is why it matters. Anyone who claims they don’t, are only making up excuses. They don’t get it. They lack pride.

That is why they don’t go far.

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