I choose to see the love in it and maybe you should too

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I am 32 and sometimes I borrow money from my mom. Sometimes she forks the bill when we have our meals outside too.

Because business has been a struggle, sometimes I am unable to give her money.

Oh and did I mention I still live with her?

Many people probably look down on me and criticize me for being a useless son or something, being so “old” and all, but yet not fulfilling what society expects out of every dude, which is to always give back to our parents, move out and never, ever ask for money again.

I’d admit, sometimes I’d feel very pressured.

But really ultimately, I don’t care.

I choose to see the love in it.

My dad died 10 years ago so I just want to be with her.

When my mom and I talk about money, we exchange friendly banter along the way.

That’s love to me.

I think we all have the rest of our lives to act out a role in society.

But the choice to be who you really want to be must be made today.

So what if others look down on you?

Live the person you’re meant to be, especially if it gives more love to others before it’s too late.

I’d give anything to talk to my father again.

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  1. Frank T - October 17, 2017 3:02 pm

    Alden, this post cut through my heart like a double-edged sword. As you know, I lost my father this year. Even though he was almost 94 it seems like no matter how much time you have it’s never enough. Like you, would love to talk to him again. That is one edge of the sword. On the other edge are my two sons aged 25 and 22 both living with us. Both still trying to figure out life. Even though I am still here, they “lost” me when I fell and broke my neck 12 years ago when they were 13 and 10. They help out a lot as I have lost a lot of my mobility and independence. Since I was college-educated, married and out of my house by the time I was 25, it has been a real struggle for me to accept what is going on with them. I try to be as supportive as possible and at the same time I still feel frustration in what appears, on the surface, to be their inability to move on. Thank you for helping me see the love today.

    As an FYI, I heard a statistic that the number of people between the ages of 18 and 34 living at home is at a 75-year high. You and my sons are not alone. Take your time do it right and figure it out now . Besides, what the hell is the hurry? To get where I am??? LOL


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