Check their damn qualifications first

I’ve had friends telling me how I should handle my relationships… when they’re cheating on their own girlfriends. Some of them their wives even.

I’ve had friends telling me how to talk to girls… when they don’t even dare to like some girl’s picture on Instagram.

I’ve had friends who are never punctual… but then get mad at me for being 5 minutes late.

I’ve had friends who say I am bad at drinking just because I don’t like a particular brand of liquor… but then they literally stumble and faint after a mug of beer.

I’ve had friends telling me that I am petty and sensitive over certain issues… when they themselves are not man enough to face their issues but are always quick to change
the subject.

And I know of entrepreneurs who are rich because they’re scammy as shit.

Advice is easy to give out. You just need to dish out platitudes and cliches.

But not many are truly ever qualified.

So don’t take shit from anybody.

It’s easy to think you should because they sound right.

But if it comes from a mouth that shoots nothing but garbage… just ignore it and move on.

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