Confessions: I hate my job

This is another short story. See if you can guess what the “job” is by the end. I fucking hate my job. I really, really do. I wish all these motherfuckers would just die. Plus, it’s so hot inside here. I hate listening to them. I really do. It’s a[…]

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The little human and the angel

This is another fictional piece. This was inspired by The Egg by Andy Weir. This is kind of my take on what happens after you die. The title is a contrast on the seriousness, like oh shit, a children’s book which is so deep. The picture below has no direct[…]

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The Man himself: Diary of a hero

This will be my first ever piece of fiction on the blog. I’ve decided that I’d write about anything I want as long I know that it’d entertain, help or inspire people. And given my style of writing, that wouldn’t be too tough lol. It may not seem like a[…]

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