What to do when things don’t go your way

Welcome back to regular writing! I was totally busy for the past couple of weeks as I was called back to the army for my yearly training. Yes, I served in the army. I’m totally capable in defending my country and all that shit. But the training was a complete[…]

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Don’t forget to have fun

  Today’s post is short and fucking sweet! It’s about having fun. Are you having fun? You should be. When I joined a Bboy competition I used to have all sorts of shit going through in my head, like, “Am I going to win?” , “What if I screw up?”,[…]

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Quiet your damn mind…

It’s time to quiet your damn mind! Too much negativity and jarring self-talk? Something bad happened before and you keep replaying that shit? All in your head. This is going to be the most awesome and real post you’d read about beating negative thoughts! I’m on meds for a long[…]

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