Self improvement


Every time somebody asks me, “Hey man, what kind of girl do you like? What is your type?”, my answer today is always: “I don’t believe in types anymore. As long as we can get along, that’s good enough for me.” Indeed, I don’t believe in types anymore. I don’t[…]

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That’s Okay

2016 was honestly horrid for me, marking the year where for the first time in my life, I contemplated if I had depression. Fortunately, I did not. Never did. But that did not discount the fact that I started to strongly hate life. I may have gotten out of bed[…]

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How is it some people become super successful and rich from doing what they love and feel like it’s not work at all?!

Originally here from Steemit. You know, this always frustrated the hell out of me. You know how some, if not most successful people out there today always say shit like: “I most certainly did not expect this to turn into a business! It just happened!” “I didn’t expect the article/video[…]

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