I don’t think online dating is lame

Okay I want to admit something today. I think finding love online is awesome. And I’ve done it before. I know, I know. People think it’s “lame” or that if you set up a profile on Ok Cupid or whatever is like exposing yourself to weird strangers on the internet.[…]

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Why women date assholes

Alright. I’ve decided to take a stab at this myth, that women like or continuously want to date assholes a.k.a. the “bad boy” or jerk only. Read on and you’ll see why this is not solely her problem. It is a direct myth. The problem also lies in guys. It’s[…]

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Relationships are too easy

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I’m going to write up a bunch of post to leverage on that shit. Yep. I’ll be talking about love, dating and relationships, but not in the conventional sense. That’s way too easy. Be prepared for some balling posts on stepping it up for love.[…]

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