Life and culture

Smooth and flow

Bruce Lee said, “Be water, my friend.” Perhaps though, if you want, you can be more than water. Be whiskey, dancing in a rock glass. Be beer, cascading down from the tap into a glass. Be a girl’s sexy leg, turning eyes wherever she goes. Be music, soothing people’s troubled[…]

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An open letter to my late dad

(With beers we could have had.) This is a simple letter I felt like writing to my late dad. I feel like I’ve been writing contrived pieces just to please others, but today I write for myself. So here we go: Hey Pa, You died of ALS 10 years ago.[…]

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My bitch face

This is my bitch face. And for the life of me, nobody really liked it, not on first impression at least. But yeah, I have had this ‘bitch’ face my whole life. Many were the times I was told by friends whom I am close to today, “Alden, the first[…]

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