Life and culture

It is only

It’s never really okay to say that something is only something. It is vulgar and hurtful. It’s not only something. Sometimes, it has the weight of the world. It’s not only mere words. Words can hurt. It’s not only a joke. Sometimes, it’s not funny. It’s not only a bit[…]

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Lucky guys

See that guy over there? The one wearing his office attire. He’s tired. His shirt isn’t tugged in. He carries a heavy laptop. He thinks, “That guy is so lucky. He’s so rich.” See that rich guy over there? The one driving the fancy sports car. His wallet contains a[…]

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A judge judges, that’s why we do the same

I remember reading up the case about this asshole kid who sexually assaulted a drunk girl and the bigger commotion came about when he was ‘only’ given a lenient sentence of six months jail. Not surprisingly, there was outrage. People all over the world just wanted the kid to suffer[…]

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