Life and culture

Lucky guys

See that guy over there? The one wearing his office attire. He’s tired. His shirt isn’t tugged in. He carries a heavy laptop. He thinks, “That guy is so lucky. He’s so rich.” See that rich guy over there? The one driving the fancy sports car. His wallet contains a[…]

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Look at these freaking weirdos

Look at these freaking weirdos. Look at this guy who got cheated on by his long-time girlfriend, or wife. But he didn’t consider it a death sentence. He didn’t bitch about her behind her back and condemn her to hell. He didn’t get back at her by cheating on her[…]

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“If it’s so easy, then the entire world would be doing the same” EXTENDED EDITION

“If becoming a real entrepreneur is all about studying, then every fresh-faced college kid who studied business in school are entrepreneurs today.” “If creating a thriving business is as easy as learning from some mentor, attending some seminar or taking up a random course that promises you the world, then[…]

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