Life and culture

Bangkok: The carnival of South East Asia

This will be the first article that doesn’t exactly fit into any conventional blogging categories, at least not here. This is an article based on my observation and experience in life. It’s about culture. There will be no takeaways or actionable steps for you to take. It’s pure writing, and[…]

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Simple reasons why you’re fucking awesome

  Hey hey, This is gonna be short and sweet. See that shit? You’re fucking awesome. And no, this isn’t some typical blog post trying to cheer you up and perk up your day. Other blogs or Facebook pages are always saying shit like this without explanation. And that’s lame[…]

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Passion is truth

There’s a lot of buzz lately on passion. Why buzz? Because it’s filled with buzz words. Follow your dreams, follow your heart, do what you love, find passion. All that buzz. In terms of making a living, doing what you love according to your passion and making money from it[…]

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