How is it some people become super successful and rich from doing what they love and feel like it’s not work at all?!

Originally here from Steemit. You know, this always frustrated the hell out of me. You know how some, if not most successful people out there today always say shit like: “I most certainly did not expect this to turn into a business! It just happened!” “I didn’t expect the article/video[…]

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The Epic And Awesome Guide To Writing Blog Articles Like A True Artist That People Want To Read And Share!

Originally from Medium. Pardon me for the click-baity headline, but truly, it was made to catch your attention. Haha. I feel so proud and disgusted with myself at the same time. Well, now that I’ve gotten your attention: This is indeed an epic and awesome guide to writing blog articles[…]

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2014 publishing roundup: After the fear of falling

It’s about time I did a roundup of the articles I’ve published this year. But take heed, not all articles will be published. Only the important ones after I stepped out of my zone of fear and terror will be published. Namely, after the $1000/hr consultation I had with Ryan[…]

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