Boy Story

I watched Toy Story 3 the other day. Hence, I was inspired to write this little short story. Check it out:

Toy story boy story

The boy loved his toys. His parents got them for him.

Every night, without fail, after dinner, he’d be playing with them. He’d rush back to his room and like all little boys of his age, he’d imagine up stories and adventures for his toys.

Captain Galatica was his hero then. The captain fought everything, from little crimes on the streets to alien invasions. He even once went back in time to solved the mystery of the waterhole.

All was good then. The boy loved his toys, and his heroes.

A few years later, the routine didn’t really change.

The boy still loved his toys. His parents bought more for him. And with that, he spent more time playing with them.

This time, his stories and adventures were more “down to earth” as he would said with the pride any little kid would have when they learn a new word. That pride was usually laced with some uncertainty though.

Captain Galatica, a little discolored then, would mostly be talking during his adventures. He’d be talking with Corporal Zen a lot. They were after all, brothers.

In these new down to earth stories, Captain Galatica and Corporal Zen would go on long walks, after the battle of course and simply talk. The brothers would talk about how great it was to be together, bonding over battles and sharing common interests.

Sometimes, the boy stuttered when creating these conversations. His mind was overwhelmed with new words he overheard in the house, words like “miscarriage”, “fetus” and “abortion.” The words were a little too big for him to understand, but he knew what was missing in his family; in his life. Deep down, he knew.

Fast forward about five years, the boy still loved his toys. His friends. His mom got them for him over the years.

Everyday, after dinner, the boy would escape to his room while his mom too, would go to her own room alone.

Captain Galatica and Coporal Zen had a new companion. It was Skuzzy Wuzz, the skater dude. Skuzzy Wuzz had a detachable skateboard and funky, purple hair.

The brothers was tired of battles with aliens, crime fighting, zombie apocalypses and all that. Most days then, the adventures consisted of the brothers (“Bros Forever!” being the slogan the boy created for them. It’s been the same for a long time then) meeting up with Skuzzy Wuzz and making sure he stayed out of trouble.

The brothers would always reprimand Skuzzy for drinking and smoking too much. They told him how it made him dizzy, stupid and most of all, out of control. The brothers would warn Skuzzy that falling all over the place and knocking furniture down was not cool. The brothers would also ask Skuzzy why he always cried after drinking.

It was something even the boy himself could never comprehend.

After a few years, the boy was in high school. Everyday after school, he’d rush back to play with his toys. He bought them on his own now.

His latest addition was a barbie doll. The boy named her Amanda.

Captain Galatica already saved the world, and so it was time to save himself. In order to do that, he needed true love. That is why he was always going on dates with Amanda. Every night, a new place, a new date, a new hope for a new life.

They’d go out for movies, dinners, romantic walks on the beach and always without fail, back to Captain Galatica’s room.

The boy however, was not stupid, or at least that’s what he told himself. He knew that before sex, or intercourse the couple needed to talk. They needed to get to know each other better. Talk. It seemed so simple for the couple.

On every date, without fail, Captain Galatica would tell Amanda, “I’m not a fag!” and there and then, Amanda’s eyes would lit up. She would flip her hair back. She’d be happy then.

The boy would always feel happy too, always considering it a job well done. “That’s all that should be needed!” as Captain Galatica would say to himself. “But if she asks more, I’d definitely tell her about the time I saved the world. That means I’m not a loser! I’m also a good person with a good life who can take care of her. My mom and dad definitely do not hate me either. Plus, money is not everything. We do not need iPads and apps to fit in.”

What always happened next for the couple was always easy to think up thanks to the internet. At the end of every night, they’d hug each other under the moist tissue.

And sometimes, just sometimes, Amanda would ask Captain Galatica how his mom was. Captain Galatic would pretend to be asleep then, snoring away like some playful boyfriend.

The boy did not touch Captain Galatica, Corporal Zen, Skuzzy Wuzz or Amanda for about thirty years after he graduated from high school.

The only toy he last saw was the one the lawyer held up to the female figure. She pointed.

The boy did however, constantly think of his friends.

He thought of the crazy adventures Captain Galatica went on. This time, he always only thought of the time-travelling adventures the captain and Corporal Zen went on together.

He’d think of Skuzzy Wuzz, and chuckle, for Skuzzy Wuzz’s purple hair reminded the boy of the bright bandannas he and his new friends always wore in the neighborhood.

He tried not think to of Amanda. That only made him cry. That only made him think of his mom. That only made him think of failure.

The boy was now a man.

And he was on his way back to his old home to attend his mother’s funeral.

After his mom was lowered to the ground, after the well-wishes and condolences, he went back to his old room.

He found his friends.

It was happy reunion, albeit with tears in everyone’s eyes.

Captain Galatica was on his final adventure, and he called it, “Closure.”

Captain Galatica would speak to his little brother, Corporal Zen, “Hey man! Long time no see! Haha! How’s it going?”

“All is well my brother! How about you?” Corporal Zen would reply.

“I’m alright. Just got out you know? Anyway, there’s something important I wanted to tell you.”

“What about?”

“We aren’t really brothers Zen. We weren’t all along. I just called you that after I pulled you out of that alien womb thing, or was from the pile of dead zombies? I forgot. Anyway, I just told you that because well, I felt kind of lonely. Plus it looked like it wasn’t time for you to go yet at that time. It definitely wasn’t.”

Captain Galatica paused.

“But it was fun you know? We definitely had some good times. You really helped me a lot in my adventures. I really wished you were my real brother then. But it’s time for us to go our separate ways. I don’t know where it is you’re going, but I hope it’s somewhere safe and warm.”

“It’s cool! And thanks!” said Corporal Zen.

Then Captain Galatica turned to Skuzzy Wuzz.

“Wuzz! You crazy old dog!” called out Captain Galatica.

“Naw! Not so crazy this time! I got clean man. No more drinking. No more smoking. But this hair color! Dang dawg! We tight as ever!” said Skuzzy Wuzz.

“Haha!” laughed Captain Galatica. “Yo man, we really had some good times you know? I’m really happy for you. I mean, things weren’t so great between us at times, but I’m glad to have had you as a friend all along. You really stood by me even though we messed up bad that time.”

“I know man. I know” said Skuzzy Wuzz.

Captain Galatica and Skuzzy Wuzz both turned to Amanda.

“We’re so sorry Amanda. We really are. It’s no excuse, but we were a couple of young, idiots back then who didn’t know better. We do not deserve your forgiveness” said Captain Galatica as he trembled all over his own body.

Amanda stayed silent and did not reply.

“I just hope you know how sorry we are and that we’ve changed for the better”

The captain heaved a sigh.

“It’s time for us to end our adventure guys. Our time is up. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You guys kept me sane. You guys helped me to make sense of things when everything around me was not going right. We had ups, and then we had downs. But I guess it was all meant to create the life we deserve to live today.”

The man wiped a tear from his eye.

He wondered about the adventures. He wondered what they were then, what they could have been and when the next one will come, if ever.

After a short moment, the boy grabbed Captain Galatica, Corporal Zen, Skuzzy Wuzz and Amanda.

He knew of a special little boy who was ready for new adventures.

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