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12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About

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It is what it is! The main book the captures the essence of not giving a fuck.

Find out the 12 things you need to let go of in life to be super happy!

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100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck  About


Can’t get enough of what happy people can’t give a fuck about?

Here’s 100 more then.

Happiness doesn’t have to be complicated. Shed the crap and just be happy.

Perfect for a read in the plane, train or whatever. Get it now.

  This Shit Called Life: Can we fucking stop meditating and grab a beer?


My first book on Amazon, going only at $7.99!

“After spending a couple of years blogging, Alden told himself, “Screw this”. He started out being a typical I-want-to-inspire-you-personal-development-blogger, but that just turned him into a cynical bastard. He’s had it with the cliché hypnosis crap, the meditation, the paradigm-shifting and the world-class, ground breaking whatever. 

And he’s also sick of other entrepreneurs, you know, the ones who actually told him not to use words like, “Fuck” and “Shit” in his writing; the ones who told him to work hard, and then conveniently said he didn’t work hard enough when things didn’t work out. 

Thus, This Shit Called Life was born. Pure, unadulterated stories of breaking up with your best friend, disallowed sex with your first girlfriend, losing a loved one, betrayal and other juicy bits like being punched over a working girl. 

No bullshit. Just stories. Grab a beer.”

5-Star reviews: 

You won’t be able to put this book down! This book is funny, entertaining and has attitude. It’s got lessons and it opens your head to how to deal with problems in a different way. The author puts his life out there and isn’t afraid to share it. He’s very honest and blunt. I love that about this author. Hopefully we will see from Mr. Tan.” – Fiore

Brutally honest, hilarious, and touching stories and life lessons – Buy this book! Alden Tan is completely open and transparent in his book, sharing his experiences in a way that entertains you, but also creates a real connection between yourself and the author. No fluff or B.S. whatsoever! The stories are all about the s*** life throws at you(as well as the s*** we get ourselves into!), including the memories made, the victories and defeats, friendships and loves, break-ups and falling outs, and the lessons learned in This S*** Called Life. I had a hard time pulling away from the book, and I am an experienced reader! The value definitely exceeds the asking price. Recommended for: Everyone, especially those who are tired of hyped-up, quick-fix B.S.! You will find a sympathizer in Mr. Tan. Read this and chill out with a fresh perspective on things. Price is no excuse! I bought This S*** when I had $13.00 to my name. No buyers’ remorse here. :)” – Joseph D.P. Easley

Check it out! 

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