Best video on kindness and paying it forward ever

Stumbled upon this shit on Facebook.

Watch the whole thing and be amazed!

Lots of random acts of kindness right? Right.

Besides the bloody obvious fact of being kind and showing love, I think there are a few hidden messages inside. Take it!

#1 Being kind to strangers

Yeah baby it’s totally cool to be kind to strangers. That means showing love to people you don’t know at all. And yes, not only is it cool, it’s OKAY to do so.

Don’t just show kindness to those you know. Show some love to others.

#2 Paying it forward

Guy A does something nice for you. What do you do? Most people would return the favour.

Guess what, it’s actually better to do something called, “Paying it forward”. That means do something nice to Guy B. OKAY? Fuck returning favors. When you are paying it forward, you are automatically making the world a better place.

#3 Random acts of kindness to others

In the video you see little random ass acts of kindness. They don’t even involve money or like typical shit you think that are needed to help others.

#4 A little bit goes a long way

It fucking does. Do something small for someone, and see the huge difference you make. With that, don’t be a bitch and piss others off. Like paying it forward, it can work the wrong way. You may have given an innocent shove to a stranger, but he may get so pissed off he goes home to beat his wife, or something.

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