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The lists

46 in-your-face quotes with pretty pictures to wake your ass up in life– Straight up pictures and quotes to motivate the shit out of you!

19 pictures that scream no excuses– Ultimate motivator right here.

13 kinds of flowery bullshit people say to manipulate you– Don’t be fooled. Words are easy. Talk is cheap.

26 totally useless things for your well-being– We care way too much about the useless things.

20 things I wish I knew when I was 20– In your twenties? Read this you young adult you.

7 life lessons I learnt from meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time– This isn’t exactly a relationship piece. It’s more about travel and opening up in this scary world.

13 blunt truths to hopefully wake your ass up– Nobody likes the hard truth, but it has to be said. This is good for you. You know it, so stop hiding from it.

10 South Park quotes teaching you how to live life– You love South Park? I do. Check it out. The profane and over the top show has its moments.

10 famous failures, 10 dreams fulfilled– The famous people who have made it. This is the crap they had to go through.

75 simple and straight forward answers to 75 problems in life– Sometimes, it’s really easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

100 things life is too short for– Need I say more?

50 reasons why being too cool for school might not be such a bad thing for you– My fun and simple take on why school isn’t all that.

5 things that will happen to you when you grow up– Inevitable. Or not.

50 things you can tell yourself to not care about what others think of you– Caring too much about what others think or say? Use these.

Dating and relationships

How to dominate post-breakup trauma– Having trouble getting over your ex? Feeling depressed over him or her? This is for you then.

Why women date assholes– The question of the universe, finally answered.

How picking up girls can help you achieve your dreams– It can help you do just that!

How to right relationships in the right places so you don’t end up with bitches and douchebags– The answer to, “Why do I keep ending up with these losers?”

19 signs you’re totally dating the wrong person altogether– Heed the signs. Use your head, not just your heart for once.

Relationships are too easy– Why and how you need to surpass average expectations in a relationships for your own good.


How to be the manliest man in the universe (with or without a beard)– An article teaching guys how to be real men. No, you don’t need to grow a beard, chop wood or whatever.

How to talk to people without feeling awkward– Erase social anxiety!

Getting out of the Matrix Life– Unplug yourself!

The young adult success guide during and after school– The answer to, “What should I do with my life?”

How to get over death of a loved one– My first serious post. It took me a bit of getting out of my comfort zone. This was how I get over my dad’s death.

The honest and real guide to using the law of attraction– It’s not about “The Secret”. This is a practical way to using the law.

Potential and Talent don’t mean jack– Because something else is needed.

How to judge people so you don’t make loser friends– We all judge. Get over it. Might as well do it properly.

The average person wakes up in the morning– How to circumvent the average life

Turn your little experiences into huge dreams– The day I met my idol.

How to transform your life and turn it around by chilling out– I actually have hyperthyroidism. I lost a ton of weight and became extremely weak. I turned it around. Before-and-after pics inside.

Life and culture

Bangkok: The carnival of Southeast Asia– My first travel piece. Find out how I fell in love with the culture.

Let’s fuck self-help up– “Self-help” is such a cliché nowadays.

This is a call out to the self-help world and all its bullshit practitioners– How I feel about the state of the self-help world. It’s filled with too many fakes and hypocrites.

Real Talk 25: This is what bullies feel like all the time– If you’re a bully, or a bully victim, you need to read this NOW.


843 days to online success: The ultimate newbie’s guide [Part 1]– Wanna start a blog, make money online and all that jazz? Start here.

843 days to online success: The ultimate newbie’s guide [Part 2]– The sequel to the above! All the practical stuff.

100 hard lessons I inevitably learnt from blogging– It’s not pretty.

Short stories

I also write short, fictional stories. I enjoy them a lot. Hope you do too.

The Man Himself: Diary of a Hero– A dark, superhero who finally dares to do shit to take things to the next level.

The Gods Who Created The World– A children’s tale I wrote. It has a twist ending though, because I think kids today are smart and not into happily-ever-afters.

Confessions: I hate my job– Just a short little piece.

The little human and the angel– What happens after you die? This.

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