Being an introvert is not an excuse though

I am an introvert. There’s a lot of talk online about being an introvert, so much so it even feels trendy or becoming a silent movement of its own.

That’s all great. It’s good for an introvert to embrace who he or she is so they can understand themselves better, embrace who they really are and lead a balanced lifestyle they can be proud of, or at least not feel awkward most of the time.

But, being an introvert is not an excuse though. It’s not a fancy, snobbish excuse you should use for self-defeating purposes.

And I’ll be the first to the admit that I am guilty of that.

You can’t keep saying you like to be left alone at home because you’re an introvert when you’re honestly becoming a hermit who is starting to hate people. Everybody needs someone or at least some kind of humanly support.

You need to recognize that your lonesomeness is contributing to your emotional and mental health being wrecked due to the lack of support by others, if indeed you suffer from such issues. You can’t brush it off with, “I am an introvert! I can’t change at all!”

You can’t say that you’re an introvert and henceforth start to act like an impolite assholes to others, although yes, it can be rather teeth-grinding and tiresome to meet new people at places you don’t even want to be at.

You can’t take your friends for granted just because you’re an introverted.

Most of all, you can’t use your introversion as an excuse to not adapt, change and grow.

Being an introvert is not an excuse. Being an introvert is just a little badge you pin on your nice clothes and not on yourself so much so you bleed to death.

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  1. Damien "Unstable" Chazelle - January 19, 2017 4:14 pm

    Yo, I totally agree with you man.
    I’m an introvert, but that doesn’t mean that I like to be alone all the time.

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