Be all style and all substance

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People like to say, “He’s all style and no substance” or, “She’s just a pretty package.”

As such, people seem to always focus on gaining substance. They place the importance only on that.

That’s okay I guess, but what people miss out on is that you can actually have both.

Yes, it’s important to have substance. It’s important to have character, values, principles, a good attitude and a positive outlook on life.

But it’s also important to look good. Not only is it important, it’s also easy to look good!

Look good and make a good impression on others. It’s as simple as that.

If at this point, you’re thinking, “No. Looks are not important. Looks are only for superficial people and that’s not cool”, I dare say you’re lying to yourself. You’re in denial. You’ve low self-esteem and have not put in the work to look good.

Be all style: Lose the weight if you feel you can. Diet and exercise.

Dress up. No one likes to look at a slop.

Smile, for you look best when you’re happy, not when you’re angry and shit all the time.

Be all substance: Stick to your values. Stand up for yourself. Have principles in life.

Be humble. Everyone has their own challenges and no one is better.

Be nice. Help others whenever you can and don’t be an asshole.

Simply put: Attract the shit out of them with your style. Make them stay with your substance.

That’s all there really is.

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