One easy and manly way to instantly make your day better: Talk to strangers

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Here you see me getting an awesome, and manly haircut from my most favourite barber in the world. Well, he’s actually the only barber in my life, but for sure, he’s my favourite. He’s a friend for life.

I’ve been getting my hair cut by him all my life.

And I can honestly tell you some of the best conversations I’ve had are with him and in that very seat.

The stupidest and lamest jokes were also created there.

It’s also nice how he shares with me about his family and all. Dude is actually a grand daddy already.

One distinct memory with him was when he gave me a box of condoms. I dropped by once with my then girlfriend and he was like, “Bro, do you want condoms?” I said yes and he literally dug it out from what looked like a hidden stash of knick knacks from inside of the many ornaments he had in his shop.

That’s the key to a happy, fun and spontaneous life: Open up, talk to, and make friends with strangers.

It’s just a really cool thing to do.

The cool friends come from places least expected.

Heck, even just smiling, saying hi or giving that little knowing nod to a stranger is good enough to make your day.

Why? Cause then for once you can stop dwelling on your shit. A stranger is a preview of how big the world is and that it’s not really about you all the time.

If however, you’re very adverse to this idea, thinking that the world is out to get you or that everybody are assholes, then you really need to work on yourself. Stop being so paranoid and chill.

If you also have the bad luck of being accosted by a complete asshole, then just walk away. It’s not your fault. So chill.

All in all, stop chasing whatever it is you think will make you happy. It mostly will not make you happy.

Just chill and go talk to somebody already.


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