Why assholes exist

I remember like ten years ago, I was reading up some girl’s blog. I didn’t know her. But she was my age and also studying in a junior college.

So in an entry, she was like, “Blah blah blah I met up with my babe and we had coffee. While driving back home we had such a meaningful discussion about life.”

“Why must there be so much suffering in the world?”

“This world is so byzantine.”

Apart from the pretentious words used, I always found it so typical for people, not just the young ones to keep discussing about why the world is in a shitty state.

Here’s the straight and mostly correct answer for you:

It’s because of assholes.

There is much suffering in this world and bad shit happen to innocent people because of assholes.

Now, why do assholes continuously exist?

It’s because you’re an asshole too.

That said, assholes are humans. Humans make mistakes. Hence, nobody is perfect. It’s just human nature and life. It’s a cycle. It’s the circle. We go round and round.

Assholes were not intentionally placed on earth or accidentally created by god or whatever. Assholes are just everywhere.

There is no truly good

Relax. I’m not going to say shit like, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I’m just going to keep drilling in the fact that you’re an asshole.

We mostly measure and decide who is good or bad with the law. The law is good. It keeps most of us in check. But it is only a system. It can only reveal some assholes while the rest hide.

You may follow the law and think you’re safe, but you may be super annoying. You may harbor unkind thoughts. You may have gotten away with whatever dastardly deed you did.

I once knew a guy who somehow decided it was cool to talk to me about getting drunk and fucking around while still going to church with a clear conscience.

I asked, “Doesn’t that conflict with your beliefs?”

His reply was, “The way I see it, the entire week is for me to do whatever I want. Sunday is when I redeem myself.”

There you go. There’re religious assholes out there even. Let’s not forget the hypocrites who are raping young children. Assholes go to a godly level, so to speak. I don’t count them as a representation of life.

An asshole is an asshole. The law is just a system. It cannot read minds or expose all our nakedness. Everybody has dark secrets.

So why do assholes exist? Because some of the “good” people out there are already tainted. That’s how strong the epidemic is. You can take it as a cynical point and think we have no hope. Fact is, nobody is ever truly innocent.

The cycle we allow to happen

The girl above blogged to wonder why the world is such a dark place. At least she’s wondering only.

Since nobody is truly good, you can bet that everybody, at some point in their life are happy to know that their wrongdoers got what they deserve. Hell, they probably revel in it.

“I’ve finally found peace knowing that he is dead. I hope he suffered a lot before it ended.”

“She deserved to be raped.”

“If there was no law, I’m would be a killer myself.”

“LOL” commented by almost everybody on social media on some dumb video entitled, “Sluts at the bar fighting caught on tape!” because they’re safe and sound behind the monitor.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t act out your evil thoughts or let your dark side manifest, the point is, you have such thoughts. Everybody has such thoughts. And with that, we’ve created a kind of collective consciousness that allows assholes to exist because nobody wants to truly step up and do something about it.

We’d rather sit on the side of idleness and pat ourselves on the back because the law hasn’t found a problem with us, that some god hasn’t condemned us or our friends are all acting the same so therefore it’s probably not a big deal.



Just look in the mirror

Please stop asking or wondering why the world is bad or why there’re so many bad people.

“Why do assholes exist?” is not the correct question.

“What can I do to make things better?” is the right question.

And the answer is easy.

Just stop being an asshole. You don’t even need to read this article to know how.

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  1. Eddie Imperial - October 17, 2014 8:21 am

    I think all children are not bad from birth. But, when the lusts of Satan are bought
    into them by the world, that all changes. Ever notice how lusts people seek always
    begins from one of our bodily senses. And that is the real truth. All that glitters is not
    Gold. You want to eliminate ass… Holes. Never have sex in the back of a car. So stay from
    Cars, sex, icecream, women, men, candy ect. You can afford kids anyway.

    Eddie Imperial

    • alden - October 17, 2014 9:02 am

      You nailed one aspect of it all. Dramatically.

  2. Sebastian Aiden DAniels - October 18, 2014 12:04 am

    Hehe. We are all assholes to someone and you are right that we all make mistakes. I use to have those confusing thoughts and sadness about why the world is so bad when I was in college. The question of what is “good” can be the catalyst for a whole philosophical discussion. As usual, I love the frankness in your writing.

    The MLK quote picture is brilliant. He was right that passivity is just perpetuating the evil.

  3. Jarrod Kirkpatrick - October 20, 2014 2:46 am

    Dear Alden,

    I like reading your posts and emails i just have a disagreement with this current one. Calling someone an asshole is to me kind of stereotyping. They could be having a bad day or moment. They end up being negative and someone calls tbem an asshole. Now when the person who name called see’s that person. They get a negative impression of that person in the back of their mind that they will always be that type of person. So if a person is having an off day. Is it fair to stereotype them by calling them an asshole. Maybe they are that one moment. It doesn’t mean they are all the time or half the time or whatever. Also the world isnt full of them either.

    There are good people out there who do get a lot of crap too. Just saying. I do agree with you though about you can’t be positive all the time. There’s nothing wrong with trying though. I try to be. Kind of my own religion. Treat people how you want to be treated and brush it off when they have negativity coming out of them. Try to change their negativity by doing something good for them. Even if they don’t appreciate it it’s o.k. your good deed will come back to you. I try to show the world there are good people out there even when it seems like the bad usually seems to bearound most corners.

    Have a great day,


    • alden - October 20, 2014 5:51 am

      Well I was stretching it.

      I am saying not everyone is truly innocent. Call it a bad day or whatever, a single bad thought can make you an asshole in the perspective of others.


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