Assholes do not apologize


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It’s a simple fact of life: Assholes do not apologize.

Yet, we wish they do.

When somebody pisses us off, we feel all fucked up inside as we keep thinking about negative shit. We wonder, “How can people act like that?” or “How were they even raised?”

It boggles the mind. It really does. And that is when we start to waste our time on these assholes.

The good in us seek justice and hence, peace within ourselves. We wish these toxic people would apologize or show some sign of remorse. Heck, some of us even beg for it, but unfortunately, it rarely ever comes to us.

We then call it normal, that it’s normal to feel negative and unhappy because of assholes. We start to accept this bullshit.

Quit it. You don’t have to let your day be ruined by assholes. 

Assholes do not apologize, and they’re going to have to live with themselves, not you. 

Say the cashier was really rude to you. What an asshole. But he or she needs to continue living with that shitty job, while you pay for your shit and leave.

Say this douchebag continuously hits on your girl. What an asshole. But he needs to live with the fact that he’s not good enough to get his own girls, so he hits on others’. That is sad.

Also, remember that you can’t please everyone in life.

It’s impossible.

Try as you might, someone out there will find a problem with you for no reason whatsoever. And that’s their problem, not yours.

Don’t ever aim to please everyone you meet in life. Instead, seek positive people to hang out with. Stay with those who love you for who you are. Live with those who want the best out of you.

The rest, you can discard.

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