Ask the terrifying but honest questions


Okay story time.

Last week in Taipei, I actually fucked up a little.

You see, I was travelling with three friends. One of them was a girl. A good friend who was a couple of years older than me.

The other two were two younger dudes, like 20-24.

And at some point, I snapped because I was really annoyed with them.

Instead of handling it like an adult, I lost the plot and hit them, physically.

It wasn’t like I beat the shit out of them, but I hit hard enough to show that I wasn’t fucking around.

I didn’t think much of it, but after we got back to Singapore, the girl texted me a long text.

She told me that she felt really bothered by the incident. She said she saw “full blown rage” in me and that it was very hurtful of me. She added that as adults, we should guide the younger ones.

And you know what? She’s right. She’s fucking right.

I lost it and didn’t use my brain.

Now, here’s the thing- I’m starting to ask the terrifying but honest questions now.

I could easily be like, “Blah! She’s just a girl. Chicks don’t get it.”

Or, “Whatever. Fuck them. Those kids were annoying.”

Or, “Ahhh it will pass. No big deal.”

Or… I can take the hard path and be like:

“Was it wrong of me to do that? Why did I act like that? What is it that really bothered me?”

“Although I may be an adult, I acknowledge that I fucked up. Now, what can I do to improve myself?”

These were terrifying, but honest. And honesty is the way to go when it comes to self-improvement.

Anything less, you’re only kidding yourself.

It’s time to start being honest and ask the BIGGER questions. Are you?

Do it man. Be honest already.

Hope this little story helps today. It took a little bit of guts of me to write it, but I wanted to do it cause I’m Alden Tan bitch!

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