Another 5 guys you don’t want to be

In continuation of my previous post of being a bunch of guys you don’t ever want to be, I have come up with several personalities of annoying dudes. These guys are just as annoying as the rest! So read on, and I hope you aren’t any of them cause they are annoying as shit!

1) Guy who has no Facebook

Everybody has Facebook today, right? Wrong. Even though Facebook serves as the number one social network website, there seems to be that one rare dude who refuses to sign up for an account. From the reasons I have heard before, the most common one is that they do not wish to be “exposed”. They want more privacy, so they say. They are afraid that they would be unwittingly tagged in pictures they don’t want the world to see.

But hey, guess what man? Unless you are some super awesome celebrity, I don’t think anyone would actually give a crap about you. Everybody else has hundreds of friends on their profile! It’s so damn annoying when you meet someone and you ask, “Yeah hey let me add you on Facebook man”. I mean that’s formality in this social media age! And what a downer when they tell you they don’t have an account.

2) Guy who spoils the movie

A new awesome movie is out. Everyone’s eager to watch it for sure. But usually, there’s that one person who catches it first before everyone else does.

And what does he do? He spoils it for everyone. He’s brainless and inconsiderate as shit so he decides to tell everyone the ending of the movie. Actually, what’s more annoying when this dude ATTEMPTS to spoil the movie for everyone. He starts to blurt out random plot bits from the movie or possible endings. Now that’s fucking annoying because then people who have not watched the movie would be thinking, “Is this going to happen?”. People who have watched movies before anyone else need to shut the fuck up.

3) Guy who challenges to arm wrestle

A little like Protein Shake guy, the guy who likes to challenge to arm wrestling is your next-door douche who wants to show off his strength and masculinity by challenging others. Seriously who still does this shit? Like everyone’s having a good time, probably drinking together and this dude has to randomly challenge others to a test of strength. Not only is he actually NOT showing that he has strength, he’s showing he’s a dickhead because it’s obvious he’s deeply insecure and needs arm wrestling to cover up. Plus, he’s stuck in the wrong timezone since he thinks it’s the medieval age.

Douche arms

4) Guy who wears his work clothes out

Aww man come on, go home and change boy. When you wear your work clothes out, it’s like saying you just belong to that group of corporate dudes who doesn’t put in the effort to go home to change. Plus also, many people are stuck in this group, so if you wear your work clothes out, you just look like another drone who doesn’t stand out at all. It also effectively puts you in the TGIF crowd, like “YEAH! I super love Fridays!”

Unless you are James Bond, no you don’t really look great

5) Guy who asks how much your salary is

Now this is just rude as shit. I have no idea why, but it seems that some grown adults like to compare salaries. They are direct and forward about it. What’s worse is that some people do it right on the spot after a short introduction, like, “Oh you work at so and so? Damn how much do you earn?”

There’s really nothing more rude than someone asking about pay. It just shows you are uncouth and that you only have money to stand by in your life. Even if you do earn a lot, shut the fuck up because nobody cares.

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