Why you should be angry in a relationship

Okay quite frankly,

I’m pretty pissed right now. I haven’t been sleeping well ugh. I’ve been overwhelmed with work too.

Anyway, on the topic of anger, I want to talk about anger in a relationship. This is for those who feels like they’re being abused, emotionally or physically.

And I think we should all be angry. We should use anger.

It may sound a little controversial, but hear me out:

I remember the times I was mistreated by my ex-girlfriends.

I once cracked a joke about how she should buy me a gift because my birthday was approaching.

She replied, “Fuck off.”

Another ex-girlfriend… I remember trying to settle an argument with her face to face, and BAM! She slapped me across the face. I had no time to react.

But the sad thing about it was that I always gave in.

I was like, “Oh I can’t be angry. It’s just not going to help the situation” or “Oh she was angry. I guess I can understand why she did that.”


That’s the problem with most of us. We keep making up excuses… for both our partners and ourselves, thus ultimately ignoring how we truly feel.

I say… you’re ALLOWED to be angry. You’re allowed to be pissed off.

Be angry, be pissed off for you’re only human. You need to watch out for your own feelings.

If someone is giving you a hard time and being an asshole to you, hell, be angry!

Don’t shove those feelings inside for fear of showing anger and being judged for it.

And that’s what I think about anger in a relationship. If your partner isn’t even doing their job of taking care of you properly, be angry. Why hold back? Why give in for the sake of giving in all the time?

When I look back at my past relationships, I found it ridiculous that I gave in so much and… I even chose to be sad instead. Yep. I’d intentionally squeeze a tear out to earn some sympathy.

Again. Bullshit.

Be angry. For you always deserver better.

However, yes, do not be violent. Do not become the monster your partner has become. I do not condone violence and I never will.

Being angry doesn’t mean you have to be violent.

So wherever you are in your relationship, watch out for your feelings.

Hope this helps.

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