I did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge for my late dad

So I decided to do the challenge. Here’s the video. It’s a little long as I had some comments on it. Apologies for the shaky video. My call outs are at the end.

Somewhat of a transcript + commentary

Basically, what prompted me to do the challenge is that I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on the internet that the challenge is lame, overdone, over hyped and generally, people are getting sick of it.

I disagree, of course.

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a terrible disease.

What you need to know: Whoever that has been diagnosed by it is pretty much served a death sentence. There’s no known cause or cure.

The only “treatment” out there is some medication that would help prolong the victim’s life by like three months, which is of course really minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I can just imagine victims, while maybe wanting as much help and hope they can get, being extremely demoralized by this.

The scariest part is that an ALS victim’s mind is intact the whole time, so he or she would literally watch themselves slowly die.

They go from able-bodied to being paralyzed and bedridden and then die at the end as they’d not be able to breathe eventually. My own dad died in his sleep.

Imagine all of that and along the way, the symptoms would slowly creep up on you and take control of your body. Your muscles would waste away. Your body becomes numb. Your mouth doesn’t produce saliva. You can’t breathe properly. You can’t walk. You can’t change clothes yourself. You can’t take a bath yourself.

And all the while, your loved ones are there, feeling all sad and hopeless as they can’t do a thing.

All of this, for up to a maximum of five years only before your time is up.

ALS may not be as common as cancer, but it’s equally fucked up.

So I think it’s awesome people are getting annoyed with the Ice Bucket Challenge and that it’s going viral. It’s great that it’s in the spotlight as all the celebrities are doing it. Even the fail videos are helping. Even if people are doing it for fun or whatever, it’s all good.

For a deeper and more emotional look into ALS and it’s effects, check out this guy’s challenge. 

On top of my video, I’ll be donating a $100 to

Oh and err. I know I did the challenge wrong. I should I have dumped the ice in earlier so it’d be super cold, then I’d really know what it feels like to experience crazy numbness in the body. Oops.

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