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So you want more information on my books huh? This is the page for you then! Let’s get to it.

First off, all my books are personally written by me. That’s right, none of that bullshit outsourcing or PLR crap. I consider myself a writer more than anything. I’m not an internet marketer. Writing is an art from me, where I write only from the heart. I don’t respect people who claim to want to help people or that they love to write and then they outsource to automate their business and whatever.

And remember, these are all going at only $10. More than 85% off.

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Straight up, Ready Your Life is all about gaining confidence and boosting your self-esteem to start doing shit you absolutely love.

What does it feature? Awesome stories and practical steps to gain that confidence! It’s a 70-page book that’s going to inspire the shit out of you.

The little backstory: My dad died when I was only 20. He died of ALS. Before that, I was one angry dude. I kept doing the “right things” in life. I never retorted the insults that were throw in my face. I walked away from fights. I always held back.

But all the right things in life always guaranteed me going home upset with myself, fucking pissed even! I’ve had ex-girlfriends walk all over me. Bosses who talked down to me. Friends, who were not actually friends take advantage of me.

After my dad died? I knew life was just way too short to be angry and unhappy all the time. We gotta live it up! We gotta have passion! We shouldn’t be taking shit from others all the time!

I still remember the sight of my dad’s lifeless body on his bed. He died in his sleep. It’s a dark, visual reminder of who I am today. As angry as I was last time, I’ve turned my life around with passion and I’m going to use it all to help others.

You really don’t need to go through what I did to live the life you want.

The benefits you can expect from reading Ready Your Life:

. Light that fire up your ass as you gain passion.
. Soaring confidence.
. A focused mind as you stop caring about what others think.
. The balls and courage to keep going at it, to face and triumph above your challenges.
. Hit all your goals head-on.
. A change in environment as I teach you how to be surrounded by only good people.
. Caring for yourself, yet not feeling so guilty about it.
. PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE. No more feeling scared and shit.

Many more yo. Expect to be generally more awesome after this book.

Annoying shit that you won’t find in Ready Your Life:

. Cheesy, new-age, “paradigm shifting” garbage that promises to solve all your damn problems overnight.


Click here to get all the books at only $10. That’s more than 85% off!



Street Smart Social: Become Popular the Honest Way is your one-stop, one-book answer to getting rid of shyness and start expanding your social circle.

You know what this shit means? It means making tons of friends and even potential relationships! You can start hooking up! Woo!

But of course, this isn’t a book on picking up girls. It’s a book on socializing in a non-douchey way, so people won’t start calling you creepy or stalker-ish.

What does it feature? 78 pages of honesty, emotions and human interaction.

The Little Backstory: Okay so I used to be a nerd. A really shy one. When I was in high school I only had a few good friends. I had no girlfriend and I practically never went out of the house on my weekends.

All I did was play video games.

I didn’t know how to talk to people. I was very socially-awkward in group situations and yeah, I was shy as fuck. I didn’t dare to talk to any girls.

I decided to make a change one year by… well, changing my hairstyle haha. I looked in the mirror and knew I had to make a change. Besides the looks, I changed my lifestyle by going out more and opening up to more people.

I’m still learning to this day of course. But it has been a crazy journey of meeting people, saying the wrong shit, creating jokes, offending and being offended and of course, breakups. But it’s all good. It got me to where I am today.

Yep. I went from nerd to confident, popular guy. People used to make fun of me, but not anymore. Now it’s time for you to start making the change and get to where you’re meant to be with people in a totally honest way.

Why I think meeting people is important: Because this is life. This is a world where we’re bound to meet others and interact with one another. We can find passion, get over fear, gain confidence, self-esteem and whatever, but how useful are they if you are just… staying home, being alone and stuff?

Like it or not, we got to get out there for a fulfilling life. Even if you’re a introvert (like I am by the way), you got to live life with others. And it’s best you do it in an awesome and honest way.

The benefits you can expect from reading Street Smart Social:

. Learn how to talk to people without feeling awkward.

. Feel on the “same level” with anybody, rich, good looking or whatever. We are all the same.

. Be ridiculously proud of who you are even though you like to be alone

. Gain your own valuable space.

. Learn what shyness truly means and get the fuck over it!

. Charisma, charisma, charisma.

. Become invincible as you won’t feel bad even after making a mistake or two. (Like me, spilling drinks on myself on a first date. But it’s okay).

Annoying shit that you won’t find in Street Smart Social:

. Cheesy, “foolproof”, specific pickup lines that guarantee to manipulate people you meet.


Click here to get all the books at only $10. That’s more than 85% off!


Zen Blogging: The Little Book of Writing Mastery is your book, your guide to blogging success!

Yeah, yeah, it’s a blogging book. Don’t worry, it’s not some scammy, “next big thing” shit that’s just full of outdated tactics. This is a book that’s going to teach you how to blog like a pro.

Yes, this book is mostly for beginners, for those who just started out blogging. But also, it’s a book for those who want to learn how to write, even out of passion and fun of it. I’ll show you how.

What does it feature? 63 pages of blogging goodness. It will kickstart your blogging career.

The BIG backstory: I spent my first 8 months blogging like a lost dog. I didn’t know shit.

I only loved to write and well, I was just writing random nonsense. As such, I wasted a lot of time.

I started getting some mentoring and enrolled into some courses. I learnt a shitload then about blogging, online marketing and the importance of gaining subscribers. I even learnt how to make money online on my own.

And yet… learning how to market and start blogging like a true entrepreneur didn’t make me happy. I felt like I sold out. I wrote less, and I became unhappy.

I went fucking full circle! It has been two years (as I’m writing this) of blogging for me. I know the damn importance of having your basics right in blogging so you can start being taken seriously i.e. to show that your blog isn’t a diary where you only talk about your life AND also balancing all out with the importance of solid writing from the heart yo!

This is why this is ZEN BLOGGING, not “The Ultimate Profit Instant Cash Blogging system” or some shit.

I made a lot of mistakes in my online journey, more so in cheating myself out of my passion for writing. My mistakes, your gain. I’ve written over 50 guest posts, even got’em published in popular blogs like Pick The Brain and ProBlogger. I make money with my blog and I’ve over 8,000 subscribers.

Remember this, every online marketer who wants to teach you something can only teach you what they believe in. I am doing the same, but my shit will last with you forever. I promise.

The benefits you can expect from Zen Blogging:

. Learn how to write inspiring blog posts. It’s easy!

. Learn the importance of choosing your topic and sticking to it.

. Learn how to write about what you love and yet balance it out with marketing.

. Learn how to market your blog in a legit way through guest posting.

. Learn the importance of subscribers.

. Learn how to gather an AUDIENCE and not just fleeting readers.

. Learn how to write even if English isn’t your first language. Yes, it’s very possible. My personal, trademarked Inspiring Post Formula will help with that.

Annoying shit you won’t find in Zen Blogging:

. Scammy tactics that promise “instant cash” and other shit.

That’s it! That’s all the information of my books!

Ready to get them all?


Click here to get all the books at only $10. That’s more than 85% off!

And depending on how things go, I really don’t know when I may raise the prices again. I mean, I did lower them out of nowhere right? So don’t delay.

Still unsure? I totally understand. I’ve an iron-clad, no-questions-asked full refund. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, just let me know in 2 months.

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