IF you accept unconditional love, then jolly well accept unconditional assholeness

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This just kind of hit me the other day. And it makes us all look like spoilt, whiny brats

We all want to be happy. We all want the good things in life.

Yet, it doesn’t happen smoothly most of all the time. So we whine, gripe and complain when things don’t go our way. We act like we deserve otherwise.

But on the other hand, when things don’t go our way on the positive side of things, we’re always so ready to accept it.

Random stranger cuts you off on the road, we get mad and be like, “This isn’t how it should be. Why are people so stupid? What did I do to deserve this shit?”

But, if random stranger does random act of kindness to you, like offering to carry your bags or even pay for your meal, we get surprised and be like, “This isn’t how it should be. Why are people so nice? What did I do to deserve this?”, with a smile on our faces.

See the similarities in both scenarios? Basically, things hardly ever go our way in life. And this is an idea we both accept and reject, with candor coupled with anger or glee.

We’re walking contradictions.

That’s just being human I guess.

But we can make life simple for ourselves.┬áHere’s how to deal with the weird conditions of life.

A) When unconditional love comes

Accept it. Be happy. Don’t even wonder or question. Way too many people are too smart for their own good, so much so they question so much that they forget that happiness is meant to be felt.

But, remember to pay it forward. Unconditional love wasn’t stemmed from selfishness and made only for you.

B) When unconditional assholeness/unfairness comes

It is nothing but a challenge for you. Face it head on and overcome that shit.

Nowhere does it say in the menu of life that challenges don’t exist, that they are meant to make you whine and gripe and that it’s some permanent form of damage that’s going to create hell for you.

I guess at the end of it all, it’s how you react to life.

Things are going to happen all the time anyway. Good or bad, you can’t stop it. I don’t think you are even allowed to stay perfectly in the middle. That’s why the saying goes, “Life gets in the way” or “Life caught up with me.”

Might as well keep surprising life with what you’re capable of then.

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  1. Alloryn - April 27, 2014 8:47 pm

    I experienced Option B when I returned to work from maternity leave. While I was out, my position was eliminated in a reaction to the early signs of the Housing Bubble explosion. Since I had been out on maternity leave, the company had to honor that and allow me to keep working with my full seniority and salary, in spite of the fact that the only position they offered was for a receptionist job in one of the local offices. I had been an Executive Administrative Assistant for the VP of Operations. Receptionists didn’t command the same salary. Still, I was grateful for the job and accepted it enthusiastically, only to quickly learn that my new immediate supervisor hated me instantly…before she even met me…because I, her lowly lacky, had a higher salary than she did and there was nothing she could do about it.

    This woman went out of her way to make my work life as miserable as possible. But I needed the job and determined to make the best of it and to be the best damn receptionist that office had ever seen. To say it was difficult is like saying a broken leg in a toe to hip cast is ‘no big deal, piece of cake.’ It was work hell.

    My friends and family all asked why I put up it, day in and day out. Seriously, my supervisor was visibly hateful, condescending, and border-line abusive (think Cinderella’s Stepmother in the Disney movie) in front of co-workers, clients, and everybody. Her goal was to make me quit.

    I focused on what was important: having a good-paying job in a poor economy, and doing the best job that I could so someone would offer me a better job and get me out of that hell-hole. Besides, I don’t lay down & let people walk on me–my quitting would have pleased her immensely and fed her pathetic need to feel superior to me and there was no way, NO WAY I was going to let that happen!

    So I told my friends and family one sentence, which became my mantra while in that job: “I’m going to ride this wave ’til it hits the shore. Then, I’m going to grab up my board and go find another wave.” Nope, not a surfer, at all. Just thought it was a good metaphor.

    I learned through those sucky months* that I really could just keep my mouth shut and focus on the future. I kept my temper in check which is something I wasn’t very good at prior to this job. I didn’t sink to her level (although a little passive/aggressiveness did escape once or twice). I came through it a better person.

    You put it so succinctly; short, sweet, and to the point. Before this job, I didn’t look at assholiness and unfairness as a challenge over which I should rise. You hit the nail on the head.

    *yes, that job lasted only a few months, after which I happily accepted my PROMOTION to a higher position than that supervisor’s. I did not gloat in public…but I did let a little happy dance happen in the office…


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