A real man knows how to apologize

You know how like some guys are all into the new age sensitive guy/metrosexual crap and hence, they feel that bowing down and admitting that you are wrong shows that you are a “real” man.

However, at the other end of the spectrum of manliness, the guys residing there are like, “Fuck that shit! Just let it blow over. That’s what dudes do. We don’t kiss and makeup”.

This is probably a big subjective matter amongst guys.

To let things blow over and then say, “Yeah we are cool”


To apologize and hug it out like girls

The truth about apologizing

It’s not for pussies who feel that peace must be made no matter what. Neither is it for egoistic dudes who feel apologizing isĀ  for girls.

Apologizing is just for anyone who is willing to take responsibility; willing to right the wrong.

As much as I think that kissing and hugging it out and potentially blowing up a small matter is totally gay, it can be necessary.

It is how you want to handle the apology. I am totally not for hugging, kissing and exposing every damn emotion in your being. A real man knows how and when to let it go. As long as one party knows he’s in the wrong and shows intent on making things right, it’s all good.

So yes, a real man knows how to take responsibility for his own actions and in turn put in the effort to right his own wrongs. To do otherwise means you are a pussy who denies his own insecurities, or that you are a stuck up bitch who thinks he’s always right.

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