A quick thought on Social Media and how it makes everyone idiots

Social Media, in its many forms, be it blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and all the other little applications and shit definitely improves communication among everyone, but what the fuck I think it can seriously bring out the worst in people, especially the spiteful haters.

I am not just talking about people using your Facebook account to post lame shit on your wall when you happen to have left your computer running and then you go off for a bit (gay shit).

You know how there’s always that one dude who doesn’t have Facebook? At first it’s like wtf, but actually it’s a very practical to NOT sign up for an account. I have a few friends who refuse to sign up. Smart bastards.

Social media is scary

1) Everyone’s a paparazzi

It’s just too easy to take out your phone and snap pictures of someone else. It’s also easy to upload that shit online. Is this cool? Not when you are being taken unwittingly. The person taking the pictures must have absolutely no life to intrude upon others.

2) Nobody talks to each other no more

You know that situation when you and your friends are having dinner and like NOBODY talks to each other? But instead everyone’s busy tapping away with their phones, chatting, sending emails, Facebooking and stuff. Fucking digital masturbation I tell you.

3) Your updates may not be perceived the way you want it to be

Certain people tend to emo the hell out of their status updates via Twitter or Facebook, telling everyone their problems and shit. It gets so annoying sometimes. Not only does this reflect how annoying and emo you are, but it’s a big cry for attention. Also, updates like these may indirectly get others involved.

For example, if you are “in a relationship with XXX”, and you post shit like, “I am so sad and feeling incomplete”, NOT EVERYONE is going shower you with love and pity, but instead, people may read it as, “Haha XXX is a shit boyfriend and he cums too fast”.

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