A personal reflection of 2011 from a douchebag

Hey guys,

Maybe I am a little late with this post, since every other blogger mostly post their reflections straight up on the last day of the year or the first day of the year. But I was lazy as shit.

I am writing this down because I think that 2011 is one of the biggest years for me, in which I changed and moved forward a lot.

Life lessons at its best. But the best kinds are the ones you make yourself in life. Or at least, you got to reflect and realize that it’s a lesson you can bring home for yourself.

1) Starting this blog

Was a big step. It was like ripping off a band aid. It’s the start of a dream, and is still going. is my first venture into internet marketing.

Why is it like ripping off a band aid?

Because I am honestly a shit marketer. I know the tools of marketing, but I lack any form of creative drive to optimize those tools. I also don’t consider myself a good businessman (though I do treat this blog as my business) because I lack any kind of foresight to do business. Basically, when it comes to money, tracking figures and numbers, I am totally lost, like a bitch. 

I basically had no plan for this blog. As with life, I just wing it, and see what happens after.

So without much deliberation. I started this blog. I registered and started writing my ass off.

Lesson #1: Just take action, think later. 

Taking action is the best thing you can do for yourself in any way, be it for business or wooing a hot girl. All the amount of planning in the world and thinking of “What ifs” isn’t going to help you much. All the textbooks and shit you studied before aren’t going to automatically be applied in life. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be aware of consequences. Keep it real.

Planning to me is like a huge double-edged sword. Got to use it wisely else it will cut yo ass up.

Hell, taking action in small steps is helpful alone, because tremendous results can come later. I started this blog with a default WordPress template, shitty articles with no personality and topics that were mostly unoriginal. I evolved from there naturally.

2) Took part in more battles

In Bboying.

Definitely the most fulfilling year for my other passion in life.

For many years I did myself a disfavor by not going all out in Bboying. I was like, shy, nervous and shit. Kept holding myself back for fear of losing and making a fool of myself on stage or in front of my friends.

So in 2011, I took part in more battles and competitions. I didn’t go far in most of them, but shit, I learnt so much. Simply put: Whether you win or lose, you still bring something home.

I recorded the battles. After the battle, I did the most gut-wrenching thing in the world that is to watch yourself on video. LOL. You just want to kill yourself and pull out your balls when you do that.

Life lesson #2: Sometimes the best change are the ones you force yourself into, even though it feels like shit.

It just goes along with, “Nothing in life comes easy” or “You got to work for what you want”.

Yeah. You do. So don’t slack off. Just force yourself a little. A little bit of discomfort and pain at first can mean a lot of pleasure next time. Like pregnancy I guess LOL.

3) I grew a year older and I didn’t feel shit

I hit 26 in August. Every god damn time  I turn a year older, I don’t feel old at all. Everyone’s always like, “Oh when you reach this age you’re going to be feeling old and shit”. But I don’t.

Maybe it’s just me. I have such douchebag friends who are way older than me and they are all still doing the same shit, that is, partying, doing their own thing and… not getting married.

Life lesson #3: Age is just a number and how you make of it.

It is to me.

I mean if you believe that age goes in accordance to the expectations of society, then that’s when you are going to feel old as shit. Age isn’t the reason that should judge you or stop you from doing what you want in life.

I think I put it quite clearly here on how to chase younger chicks.

4) I quit my job

Or rather it was mutual agreement by me and my ex-boss. It’s all good. We are still friends.

Unemployment actually felt liberating. I sleep a lot. Feels great. And I am not writing full-time and focusing on other stuff.

Life lesson #4: Have balls and be brave

Ultimate cliche: “Hardest decision I made was to quit my job (then do whatever I fuck I like)”

Well I am definitely lucky to be able to sustain myself unemployed. Can’t say the same for the rest. Not trying to blow my horn here.

But hey, like life lesson #3, if you make that step, you neverknow the great results that may come.

There’s a big difference between unemployment and idling aka being a bum. 

5) Kept doing what I love

So with everything said above, I am now doing what I love. No job,

HOWEVER, because passion does not have a big place in life and society, people literally are not going to give much of a shit to you. Now, when people ask me what I am doing now I am like, “Oh I have my blog” and most people, in ignorance laugh, or say I am weird because I got a degree and I ain’t using it for shit. 

Life lesson #5: People aren’t going to be there to encourage you or applaud you for doing what you love.

Yeah they will not. For sure.

In fact, some will be there to put you down.

This is why you got to be strong, believe in yourself and hold your own ground.

That’s a fuck load of reflecting!

Love reflecting like the awesome guy in my mirror.

The last life lesson: Be thankful for what you have already. 

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