A look back at 2015 where I did everything I wanted

This year, 2015, I did everything I wanted.

As I’m writing this now, I’m pretty broke. Yup. I don’t have much savings in the bank.

And that’s okay.

Why? Because I did everything I wanted. It is simply a trade off.

A year ago, I was not broke.

I was more than alright in fact. 2014 was the year I worked pretty hard (by my own standards) and managed to cash in.

That made feel kind of rich.

But frankly, that is one ironic-as-hell fact of life when it comes to money.

I didn’t give a fuck about money this year.

I just wanted to live, especially after I ended my relationship with a girl I thought I’d marry.

And now, I’m happy.

I indulged in so much epic shit.

I won’t deny that I do feel a little stressed out from feeling broke due to the lack of funds. But as I’ve always said, “Money is important, but the bottom line is whether you’re chasing it or not.”

Money will never make you happy. It will only make your life easier.

But yo, of course I want a fucking million dollars. Who doesn’t?

The thing is though, I’ve always been a pretty frugal person, and in that sense, on some  level, I let money rule my life.

Basically, if I had $10,000, I’d make sure I do not go below $9,000, otherwise I’d feel entirely fucked up. No kidding. I’d feel fucked up and broke.

So it hit me like, I knew it wouldn’t make a difference if it was $2,000 or $10,000 as in the initial setup. If I spend beyond what I feel I can save, I’d feel broke.

Hence, I decided to create memories.

And that I did. Enough talk about money now. Check out what I’ve been doing.

I met an idol of mine in Taipei

Well I wouldn’t say I idolize him. I don’t follow his footsteps. He’s just my favourite Bboy who has inspired me since I started out.

As I’ve written in this post, it’s a very awesome, yet surreal feeling when you finally meet someone for the first time in your life, especially you never thought you could.

This guy, Bboy Moy has never come to Singapore before. To put it straight, you could say I literally waited over ten years to meet him. It was only when I decided to get out of my zone to meet him that I got to meet him.

I think way too many of us have this misguided idea that dreams have to be this huge, seemingly impossible thing that only the lucky few in life can attain.”

I wrote that in the post.

Dreams can be easily achieved. You just have to work hard and then find a way in.

I went to Korea with my best friend

Or rather, I met him over there.

This was when I ended my relationship then and I couldn’t give a fuck anymore.

I went there to clear my head. My bald head.

That’s why travelling is great. You get to clear your head and shit.

We counted how many drinks we had each at the end of the trip. It was 80+. Awesome. I don’t know how our livers endured that.

There’s nothing much to say here except that it was a great trip. I normally would have wanted to save my money instead, but it was the first time I well, didn’t give a shit.

I remember landing at 1130 PM at Incheon Airport. I took a train down to meet my best friend. Our initial idea of “taking it easy for the first night” turned out to be bar hopping until 5 AM or so.

I got a tattoo

It means “Calm.” You can read all about it here.

I never thought I’d ever get one in life. So getting one felt super awesome.

It was a liberation.

I’d admit it was my way of rebelling. Yes, I’m pretty late to the party since I got it after turning 30.

But for real, it’s really great when you make decisions on your own and start giving a fuck about yourself.

I worked out a shitload 

This is probably the closest I’ve ever been to having my white-as-fuck body ripped.

My workout consists of a lot of chin-ups, push-ups and crunches. That’s it. I do not fancy going to the gym.

I am a vain dude, so I mostly work out to look good.

But for real, you wanna know why successful people work out?

Because it overlaps.

If you give a shit about your health, fitness and the way you look, it will snowball and cascade down into the rest of your life.

So push yourself and go work out already. Only good will come out of that.

I went to learn Muay Thai

I learnt it in Thailand. That’s my trainer.

As I’ve written before, I’ve a bunch of anger issues. One aspect of it had always been the idea that my wrongdoers get away with it.

And me being me, I think I have to kick their asses, violently in order to “win.”

Of course, that’s an immature way of thinking.

I don’t ever want to get myself in trouble outside and do stupid shit. So I decided to take up a disciplined form of fighting.

And it was awesome.

It was very inspiring to watch the pros train, like motherfucking beasts and yet see them be humble as hell. I always saw them chilling and laughing away during
and outside of training.

Also, when you learn to fight properly, you’d know why technique is super important and that brute strength and size don’t really matter that much.

I was made to sparr with a kid who was a head shorter than me and also 20 KG lighter. He was 46 KG.

I basically got my ass kicked as I kept squirming.

Side note: I got a bad case of food poisoning when I was there. I never shat and vomited  so much in my life before. I literally lost 2 KG in two days. I was so weak I had to go to the hospital.

That said, buy travel insurance when you’re travelling for more than a week.

I joined every Bboy battle I could

This was my ultimate “get out of my comfort zone” venture.

I wanted to be better, so I decided to join every competition I could.

I decided to fuck up on stage as much as I can.

And it worked. I feel like I’ve improved a lot and have gained a ton of confidence.

That’s how it is really: If you want to succeed, just fail and fuck up as fast as you can.

You can bet it’s going to feel uncomfortable as hell, but that’s the entire point of getting out of your comfort zone.

I’m not trying to sound like a pompous jackass here, but way too many people talk about getting out of their comfort zone and not do a thing about it.

Being a writer in the so-called personal development space myself, way too many bloggers keep talking about getting out of your comfort zone, until it’s nothing but cliche bullshit.

Stop talking. Don’t even try.

Just feel the fear, discomfort, anxiety and do it already.

I finally got fitted for a suit

Cause every man should be fitted for one.

Taken at my brother’s wedding.

That is all. I’ve been selfish

The truth of the matter is, all of this has meant that I’ve been selfish.

That is what is essentially can be when you live your life to the fullest.

There’re several responsibilities I’ve been shaking off because of the things I want to do.

It’s time I actually buck up, make a ton of money so I can take care of those around me, namely my mom.

I guess we all have that selfish streak in us.

Henceforth, expect more articles like these from me come 2016. I’ll working a lot harder and making big changes to get what I want and hopefully I’ll be less selfish then.

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  1. Cody Lister - December 31, 2015 10:55 pm

    Hey Alden,

    I like how real this post is. I’ve been in a similar position before (in fact 1 year ago I was beyond broke) but it forced me to find ways to generate recurring revenue and move past it. You need money to eat and a place to sleep but you don’t need money to enjoy life. Your life’s enjoyment depends on what you want life to be and whether you enjoy yourself along the way. As they say, life’s a marathon, not a sprint. Set new goals for 2016 and make a plan to achieve them, you’ll achieve all of it and then some.

    Happy New Year! If you’re ever in NYC, email me.



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