A god is nothing to a non-believer


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A bunch of you liked my previous post, Believe in yourself so much that they think you’re nuts, so let’s talk about belief again.

Straight up: A god is nothing to a non-believer.

That means, no matter how powerful that god, deity or otherworldly thing is, it is nothing to the non-believer.

It has no power over him, a little human.

Now, this isn’t a post on religion or beliefs.

It’s about you and the bullshit you’re allowing into your life.

Think about how you’re giving power to something or somebody to allow them to have power over you.

Think about how your incompetent boss, or toxic work colleague has power over you because you believe the crap they say to put down your work.

Think about how your abusive partner in your already loveless relationship has control over you because you don’t want to let go just yet.

Think about how that random stranger who bumped into you outside and did not apologize has ruined your day that very instant.

Think about how you’re allowing shit outside of your own world to take over your life.

Maybe it’s time you start to focus on yourself and believe in yourself so much that nothing outside can faze you.

If your office or work environment is filled with toxic people, either block out that shit altogether and continue to do your best work, or just quit.

If your relationship has gone to an irredeemable stage, learn to let go and tear away. Why should somebody else destroy your ideals and beliefs on love?

If a random strange somehow managed to piss you off, stop harping on it and move on already.

So it doesn’t matter how big, strong, powerful, omnipotent or in-your-face something or someone is outside your world.

If you choose to not give a shit, it does not exist. Period.

Then go live your own life. Just have some faith in yourself already.

Click right here if you need that extra edge in believing in yourself.

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  1. Ethan Bridges - October 21, 2015 10:53 am

    Nice and interesting post, Alden! (and headline.) I’m not into religious discussions or something like that, too. But everything you said here is damn right!


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