9 funny beggar signs: What they can teach you about life

Waddup gang,

You know the more unfortunate people in world? Yeah people who are homeless and end up on the streets begging for money or food.

Check out some of the funny beggar signs they be holding up! And several life lessons I put there.

But you know something? They are still people. They have real feelings and emotions. It’s just that some people have the hard luck of falling through the cracks of society.

I posted this shit up because despite man-made aspects of society, people are still people. It is sad that not everyone can be equal and enjoy life as it should be. They may be lacking money, or shelter, but maybe if you dig deeper you can find a goldmine of awesomeness in that very mind or soul… unlike other everyday corporate assholes you see.

Yup, poverty is an existing fucked up problem that separates us.

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